My DAUGHTER Made Me A Minecraft WORLD!

  • Publicado el 17 jul 2020
  • Our daughter and son made a Minecraft map for us they've been working on and we wanted to have a very special walk through their map

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Comentarios • 21 312

  • ARandomHowl
    ARandomHowl Hace un año +451

    This was the most cutest video I've seen yet. This is how many people want to see Joseph and Julia in more videos

  • Linh Van
    Linh Van  +13

    to be honest Aphmau i never watched you youtube minecraft videos before but now i'm a VERY big fan of u. this is kinda heart warming to be honest.

    TIXNQ Hace un año +45

    This would make my day if Aphmau told me the answer to my question:

  • PokeGirl86

    I'm sorry, this vid is just straight out wholesome.

  • Mari Lei
    Mari Lei  +164

    Aww Julia's voice is so cute.

  • ~• b u t t e r •~

    Throughout this whole video for some reason I was smiling at everything

  • Johanna Diaz
    Johanna Diaz Hace un año +268

    Love how there friendship is still there and she has children and she still manages to have a ESclips account

  • Sumaira Farooq

    Omg I love it when julia said “i made a diamond up there for u”

  • Snow Wolf
    Snow Wolf Hace un año +1

    They are so cute I’m so happy that they are having fun with you guys

  • Shinku•~•

    Awwwhh i hope you and your family had an such a great day everyday aphmau

  • Annie Thor

    It's soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute when Julia gave flowers!

  • Janiz Rivera

    Chris laughter made me laugh hard when he saw the "funny sheep" sign

  • pwuppi
    pwuppi Hace un año +660


  • shayiana colon

    you guys should do a survivor series with it together and maybe with your kids to be very cool

  • Christopher Afton

    Ein: I want to pet them

  • Ivana Chan

    I love this video except for the part where you guys went to the giant aquarium that has a chest and a trapdoor. The trapdoor was to open it up, stand on that block, close the trapdoor then enter the giant aquarium to get that obsidian then get out the same way. But i guess this way works too.

  • {Hxka}
    {Hxka} Hace un año +24


  • Milly Umphray

    Zane just murdered my lungs from laughing lmao.

  • *·˚ ༘ ➳ -ˏˋ Shenhe ˎˊ-

    “And a bit of danger!”

  • L- Buggie
    L- Buggie Hace un año

    I can see your kids being a good ESclipsr.