Adopted By GLAMROCK FREDDY In Minecraft!

  • Publicado el 4 ene 2022
  • I’m adopted by Glamrock Freddy and learn to become an animatronic!
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  • mo0n
    mo0n Hace 14 días +95

    I noticed that Glamrock Freddy was voiced by the same character who voiced Leif in My Inner Demons just like the one about him saving her (not adopting but still)! Freddy/Leif acted as a very caring and great dad. 😊 Have a good day or night everyone!!! <3

  • Koko-Chan
    Koko-Chan Hace 14 días +125

    The only reason why Aphmau's videos are the best is because she always puts 100% effort and puts her time to it to make it even better

  • JELLY_Vanny
    JELLY_Vanny Hace 12 horas +16

    "Do friends not share their charging stations?"

  • Rielle
    Rielle Hace 4 horas +2

    I like how aphmau included some of the endings like a mix of the van ending and a slight sign of the VIP ending as well! it was a pretty cool detail you added there!^^

  • Benjamin Miller
    Benjamin Miller Hace 14 días +37

    This was such a great rp episode! This channel's crossovers were what made me interested in fnaf in the first place, now I listen to fan songs all the time, am mildly obsessed with the lore and am writing a crossover story myself which had become mildly terrifying😂

  • Songal18
    Songal18 Hace 14 días +120

    Whomever made that Glamrock Freddy model did an amazing job, I've been meaning to say this! The Vanny model is equally terrifying. Glamrock Freddy is the best dad and adopts everyone who plays Security Breach or makes Minecraft videos with him XD Why do tiny children need houses bigger than a space ship compared to them XD Great episode everyone!

  • Wave_Gamess
    Wave_Gamess Hace 14 días +64

    The thing that i love about this most is that Freddy actually is like a dad in the game.

  • Anton Herbert
    Anton Herbert Hace 14 días +10

    im surprised Aphmau hasn't done a video where she finds a Glamrock Bonnie and becomes friends with him (tho i guess there isn't a mod with him in it so that would be understandable)

  • RoniTony
    RoniTony Hace 14 días +98

    It’s quite funny since, Freddy just broke Aphmau out of the Pizzaplex very easily and then, Freddy blew up a house considered that, he has a literal explosive weapon in his system.

  • Ravn MÃ¥ne
    Ravn MÃ¥ne Hace 14 días +5

    I love and enjoy all the content you upload and find myself going back to your other videos and role plays! Your content has inspired me to write my own stories. Thank you for the amazing work and inspiration

  • Auvie's YouTube channel
    Auvie's YouTube channel Hace 14 días +100

    Can we appreciate She has alot of kids and a husband AND STILL Make us happy with videos

  • demitrius vaughan
    demitrius vaughan Hace 14 días +2

    i love that aphmau has videos EVERYDAY for us, honestly i watch her videos every day EVEN MYSTREET!

  • YouTub
    YouTub Hace 14 días +59

    Can we all agree that Aphmau makes the best videos, and.. We appreciate Everything she does for us? For us to be happy?? She's the best ESclipsr ever! <3 :D

  • meliz Kemal
    meliz Kemal Hace 14 días +9

    Can we all agree that aphmau aways makes the best vids each day when she has kids and more to do in one day!

  • GeorgeCrazy5 Cringe Kid
    GeorgeCrazy5 Cringe Kid Hace 14 días +11

    The models of the animetronics and the animations are so cool! Keep up the good work Jess and Jason(and the whole team of course) and maybe bringing us something "old" back for the new year and 10mil??? (Actually she's 11-12 mil now but anyway)

  • constance andriana
    constance andriana Hace 14 días

    Dear Aphmau,

  • risk
    risk Hace 14 días +76

    I love how she makes videos for us everyone

  • Terecita Montoya
    Terecita Montoya Hace 14 días +4

    I know you might not see this but I love your video’s and when I’m sad I watch your video’s it makes me laugh and smile , makes me feel better I watch your video’s on 2019 and I still do now and heck the haters they are just jealous of your masterpieces that you make 😊

    TIMÃO NEWS Hace 14 días +4

    This video unlocked a memory in my head, missing the times of five nights at freddy's

  • Frank Killips IV
    Frank Killips IV Hace 14 días

    hey aphmau you always brighten my mood!