Be With You - Mondays feat. Lucy [Aphmau Official]

  • Publicado el 10 nov 2018
  • Winter Has Secrets.

    ★Be With You:

    ★Check out The Emerald Secret Poster:

    ★Beautiful Animation by:
    ▶Directed by: Yesid Soacha
    ▶Animators: Andres Usuga, David Salamanca, Yesid Soacha
    ▶Colouring: Diana Buitrago, Paola Buitrago, David Salamanca
    ▶Backgrounds: Adriana Sanchez
    ▶Post production: Yesid Soacha

    ★Be With You by Mondays feat. Lucy:

    ★ Watch The Emerald Secret:

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  • Amateur Artists
    Amateur Artists Hace 3 años +1

    The storyline, how some scenes were slightly altered and how they included flashbacks, was so beautiful.

  • _ Riverofstars_

    coming back to this after so long brings back all the same feelings I had when I was first watching the series sitting and waiting for the next episode sitting with my breathe held hoping things would work out. The nights I spent trying to catch up on everything so I could watch the newest episode. Thank you Aphmau this series and your stories will forever hold a special place in my heart

  • Mᴀʀɪɴᴀ ❤︎

    Jess, it has been more than 4 years, I can not express how much I have loved watching you, and still even now, I have been subscribed since I was what, like around 5-6 years old, I love your videos Jess, thank you so much for making me and my siblings smile, you really are a inspirational creator, You have made me smile every time I was having a rough day, your videos continue to motivate me and I couldn’t be anymore happy and thankful then I am now, once again, thank you so much Jess! ❤️🎉

  • Rizal Wan
    Rizal Wan  +16 a very emotional person.But i always had to suppress my emotions due to my surroundings. These series you made, Aphmau, were the little glimmers of joy that brought me through my teenage years in boarding school.I would wait anxiously for the holidays, so i can catch up on new episodes. It was nice as everytime i went home there would be at least three new episodes waiting. These little episodes saved me from being drowned in stress, sorrow and anxiety. I can't thank you enough. I am sad that you stopped doing these but I am more happy that your channel has blown up in the coming years even though i don't watch your channel anymore. I know you, Jess, will never know i said this. Will never know my gratitude for you. But, i would to make a promise to myself. I am starting to write my own novel that i will one day finish and publish. I swear that once my writting skills have improved and my novels gain traction, i will contact you to ask for permission on turning the Diaries and or Mystreet series into an official novel. I know this sounds like a pipe dream but this is a promise to myself. That i will not betray nor forget the happiness you brought me. And if in the coming years , this doesn't happen , then these are some words for my future self if he happens to read this.

  • Blake
    Blake  +306

    Jess,l just want to say you have no idea how much you change people's life.Nothing could express how grateful l am to you,but you made a huge impact in me and my younger sister's life.Because of you me and my sister want to be a ESclipsr like you and changing people's lives. There are more words l could say but l couldn't express them,just know l am eternally grateful for you being in people's lives,you made much more impact than you think you do.Just keep doing what you love and we will be here forever supporting you.

  • poki
    poki  +120

    i just remembered how obsessed i was with this series, and now watching this again makes me happy because it made up my childhood pretty much. thank you aphmau.

  • Luka's Stuff

    I wish I could experience my Aphmau phase all over again. To see Minecraft Diaries, Mystreet, Phoenix drop high and all of the seasons again. I miss old Aphmau so much. I miss all the days where there was no '' high quality'' stuff. It filled so much of my childhood and meant so much to me. I just wish I could experience it from all over again.

  • Wackø [Feminine, Jaguar]

    Watching aphmau was my escape when I was 11-14 . I had watched everything and it helped me so much. I loved all her series, though I haven’t watched a couple of the episodes now. Listening to songs like this give me major nostalgia and make me wanna cry. Maybe one day I’ll be able to rewatch everything

  • Roblox princess

    I love this i cried for three hours straight after i watch this and still kept replaying over And over i absolutely love this song and Jess, you are my idol you inspire me soo freaking much i love your work jess . you are an angel i am in love with your work so you are my guardian angel and i am so grateful for you so your awsome.

  • bøbbī
    bøbbī Hace 7 horas +4

    I was 7 years old when I started watching the first season of MyStreet for I was a big fan of your videos and I made sure I watched every Episode of MyStreet up til the age of 12. I am now nearly 15 and decided to drown myself within the emotion of this series again for I had recently begun to watch your videos again. Currently I am up to Emerald Secret Ep2 and I cannot stop crying over the fact that soon I’m going to have to watch the most heartbreaking moment of the series, other than the fact of when it ends. I am a very emotional person in my opinion and to be honest, I love how this series has such a variety of emotion. Every time I hear the song ‘Be With You’ I start to cry and remember this beautifully animated music video. You have inspired me to do a lot of things throughout the years like writing, being the best me I can be, and drawing. I didn’t have the best childhood for both of my parents were gone for different reasons and because of my experiences I found it hard to make friends that cared about me, so seeing your videos really made my days back then and now for it always put a smile on my face and made me laugh.

  • Valerie
    Valerie  +35

    I started watching the mystreet series at 2016 and it’s 2021 now. I still miss this series. I’m still heartbroken and get chills and cry over this.

  • Monique Frausto Cornish

    Every time I watch this animation, I always think of what would have happened if I was there, I have always pictured myself as a young elementalist wizard, a wizard that controls all the major elements: air, fire, water, earth, and lightning. If I was in that situation, I would be the group guardian

  • Jess
    Jess Hace 3 años +519

    OH MY GOD!!! IM LITERALLY CRYING!!!! This brings back so many painful memories for me but I love this so much and I can’t stop watching and listening to this!!!! I love u so much aph!!! Please keep on making awesome videos like this!!! Love u ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Person The person

    I’ve always loved aphs role plays, it’s still sad that when minecraft died down so did her channel hype, but she’s still going and I’m happy about that, I plan on going back and watching Phoenix drop all the way through to my street in a marathon

  • Aby B
    Aby B  +197

    This gives my anime vibes. like look at their chins- The eyes- The fighting- SO ANIME! I love it Aphmau! Great job :)

  • luhuibi
    luhuibi Hace un día +6

    this and mystreet will always hold a special place in my heart. i remember waiting on each ep, so excited, and to think i went through 6 whole seasons, i loved each and every last bit of it <333

  • Madison Tea

    this is sooooooooooooooo catchy I literally started to remember the lyrics the more I listen to it and I luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MischiefHowlVA

    My Street was so amazing that I wondered what it would look like in full animation. And got my wish, sorry for the lateness and thank the random recommendations. This was beautifully well done and takes me back. Thank you Aph and everyone for being amazing!

  • Lawpash
    Lawpash Hace 3 años +551

    Dude, I'd pay $100.00 to see MyStreet as an anime..

  • Ethan Rodriguez

    It's been 1 year sense I've listed to all these songs and the amount of happiness and memories the brought back was amazing