Minecraft But The World IS ONLY ONE BLOCK!

  • Publicado el 18 feb 2020
  • We have to survive on this one Minecraft Block... our lives depend on this! Will Aphmau live?

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Comentarios • 17 421

  • Karrot64
    Karrot64 Hace un año +292

    What if the first block didnt multiply?

  • Sarah Hossam
    Sarah Hossam Hace un año +8

    I like how they broke the block and keep falling every time 😂😂😂

  • Pak Tithia
    Pak Tithia Hace 21 un día +6

    I like how Chris said"I am...standing on a magic block"

  • Ashlin Wolfie
    Ashlin Wolfie Hace 21 un día +16

    When Jess said "God cow!", I was cracking up so hard! 😂

  • Ahmad Farooq

    I definitely wanna see them try to kil- I mean survive together more in Minecraft :)

  • Maria G.
    Maria G.  +28

    Jess: We have a moo here, a moo moo there

  • Drunk taehyung
    Drunk taehyung Hace un año +145

    Jess-“comedy doesn’t have to be smart” couple of seconds later Chris-“we got windows” Jess-“OoOoOoOoOoOo”

  • J Hudzik
    J Hudzik  +10

    Aphmau and Ein: place chest straight* physics: NO BIG CHEST.

  • Donne Wu

    I want more skyblock videos. I support this one.

  • Olivia
    Olivia Hace 2 horas

    You guys are the best trio ever when it comes to the ONE BLOCK CHALLENGE

  • Tobi Likes Toys
    Tobi Likes Toys Hace un año +6


  • Hossam Sobieh
    Hossam Sobieh Hace un día

    Jess and Ein can you do more episodes of one block please your videos are the best sky blocks I love your videos I always watch your new videos I almost watched every of your old videos but I’m watching them again cause they’re my favorite videos you’re my favorite ESclips to I just love watching your videos

  • jihao konji
    jihao konji Hace un año +1

    Chris: "punches Jess off the island"

  • Rosie_exe
    Rosie_exe  +38

    I was looking for a video of you playing this game! Yay!

  • Lunar Fizz
    Lunar Fizz Hace un año +2

    Please make a part two or something with more survival stuff with anyone! (That includes Jason) Thank you!!!!

  • heba Fouad
    heba Fouad Hace un día +1

    I literally got surprised when Chris said ''Gotta go fast'' and something appeared

  • Jerrett Reimer
    Jerrett Reimer Hace un año +10

    IM glad you guy's survived because as soon as I started watching this at the beginning I didn't know that you guy's would survive and that was funny that you push ein off the island🤣🤣🤣

  • Ava Cardoza


  • Hisoka's_ Simp
    Hisoka's_ Simp Hace un año +525

    "this sheep got a badonkadonk that wont stunkastunk"

  • Josh Gladstone
    Josh Gladstone Hace un año +1

    Jess is the most funniest person I’ve seen on ESclips