• Publicado el 11 mar 2020
  • What happens when the air has had enough and wants to get rid of you in Minecraft? Well, simple. You turn to the water! ...but then how do you get materials on land...? Hmmm....

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    SOPHIA _PINKITTY Hace un año +403

    Basically the whole video:

  • Bluesy
    Bluesy Hace un año +16

    Chris: oh no! I am drowning! I mean- i’m Gonna breathe!

  • Lemon Girl
    Lemon Girl Hace un año +266

    "What if the air in minecraft killed you?"

  • Ms.DoxinMocha
    Ms.DoxinMocha Hace 14 días +11


  • Kaylee Johnson
    Kaylee Johnson Hace un año +12

    Technically the term would be suffocating because fish breathe air just not as much as humans. A fish being out of water is like a person sticking their head out of a car window at high speeds and having a hard time breathing. There's too much air therefore suffocating you.

  • Jason Le

    Little do they know there is a suffocation timer so you can see they are in it

  • Melissa Khromets
    Melissa Khromets Hace un año +491


  • sara watkins
    sara watkins Hace un año +144

    back then

  • moomiss
    moomiss Hace un año +115

    Chris: Doesn’t water take over 3/4 of Earth

  • Drinking Diva Drinks Galore

    Aphmau always makes my day!

  • Cubby Bear
    Cubby Bear Hace un año +1

    The best thing about living in the ocean and never breathing air again and survive is that you can fly underwater. I mean that you can swim like on land you can’t go above the surface but in the ocean you can go above sea ground level if you know what I mean

  • Grace Malcom
    Grace Malcom Hace 7 horas

    ok, is anyone else curious how in some videos, ein is chaotic and blowing stuff up, and in some hes totally chill??? XD

  • Splyne 🔪
    Splyne 🔪 Hace un año +1


  • Abbie
    Abbie Hace un año +6

    Another amazing video aph, Keep up the amazing work!💕 I adore this video.

  • Sara Dukes
    Sara Dukes Hace un año

    This video is insane enough as it is...

  • Brennon Johnston

    The main question is can we breathe in lava?

  • Oakamao
    Oakamao Hace un año +186

    “Accept that you’re a bad joke”

  • claressia butler

    I love Aphmau I love her pulse I’m saying that is literally ridiculous whole pants is the best

    CHALLENGE ME NEO Hace un año +2

    Mac: “I hate Puns”

  • Gameknight
    Gameknight Hace un año

    You should've put conduet power on so you can mine normally