Aphmau Got 100% BUFF In Minecraft!

  • Publicado el 18 feb 2021
  • I get lots of MINECRAFT GAINS TODAY! Muhaha! 💪🏼
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Comentarios • 13 819

  • Mkitty
    Mkitty  +293

    Pierce sounds like he’s from a movie. I’ll let you guess which one

  • Marco Garcia

    And remember kids,if you wanna be BUFF and STRONG links Aphmau,eat your potatoes😎🤠

  • Oliver Boi

    Literally Zane lifts a shed of the ground in a other video or before he was strong

  • Rena Skinner
    Rena Skinner Hace un día

    I like how in the beginning they were getting so buff

  • Cody Tran

    Hey Pierce and Ein you do realize that their is an upper limit to how much your muscles expand and grow (no hate love the content)

  • Cw and the Blue Enderman
    Cw and the Blue Enderman Hace 28 días +9

    When pierce got buff, he just went full russian mode XD

  • Cbery
    Cbery  +83

    I know that this has nothing to do with the video, but aphmau's French fry and soda cat are SO cute! I just can't get over how adorable they are 😍 I got them for my birthday that was yesterday TY aphmau for making these so,so,SO cute!

  • Krizia Tyson

    I love this TV show it’s so fun But I think you should do something challenging for them

  • °•Pomegranate cookie•°

    This is the world funniest vid ever lol

  • [ Local KNY weeb ]

    Aphmau :

  • Xiaobo Chen

    Aphmau I think you are the best and should get a reward of kindness and increase your ability to help out many people in the world so good job

  • Louise Celino

    Peirce:I CAN DO IT!!!

  • shelby
    shelby  +145

    idc if i’m almost 17, i will never stop watching aphmau 😔

  • Lolbits Bananas

    You are the one who inspired me to make my own channel. And i always watch your vids every day. :)

  • glenda sta.iglesia

    it's so funny when pierce said you need quarters to run it😂😂😂

  • Baby Roberts

    Ok did anybody hear Kawi~Chan say “WHAT A QUARTER!!!”

  • Cahaya World

    I love how Zane looks very very serious in front of Aphmau but in front kawaiiChan aka KC Zane just cries 🤭

  • Ghoulia Bunnz

    I love how Aphmau always takes her day out to make videos for us everyday for our entertainment 💜

  • NunChang

    Great job aph, i'm proud of u for making funny and new video