3 NIGHTS With SIREN HEAD In Minecraft!

  • Publicado el 24 jun 2020
  • Sirenhead is coming...
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Comentarios • 22 034

  • Nitro9999
    Nitro9999  +21

    I love how everyone working together to get rid of siren head especially Ein LOL also have a nice day :D

  • Marcia L
    Marcia L  +123

    I Love how pirece says a scary story about siren head and all the sudden the sirens u can hear and then they all freak out because they see siren head and he's very terrifieing and I've seen him and thats very cool to me but u guys I don't know but thank u aphmau for recording this.❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  • Jenasis
    Jenasis Hace un año +96

    You gotta love how kids friendly this channel is, instead of saying the word h** they put a picture instead! :) keep up the good work!

  • ice angel wolf

    you make the ... you sus

  • Neptune YT
    Neptune YT Hace un año +113

    When peirce said: “they wandered through the forest, and heard a distant sound... like a siren” my fire alarm went off 😂 (it was only because my mum was cooking a roast chicken not an actual fire)

  • VTPrincessHeartsRoblox #roadto35

    When Pierce was telling the scary story, Ein called for Aphmau and the three of them (Pierce, Kawaii~Chan and Aphmau) screamed their heads off. Obviously, they couldn't recognise Ein's voice. 😋

  • Santa Jaws Is Coming To Town
    Santa Jaws Is Coming To Town Hace un año +952

    I can only imagine in the background Jess’ kids are like

  • 🦌 Keira lancto 🦌

    pierce; telling a scary story

  • Rosealie Lycan
    Rosealie Lycan Hace un año +5

    I love how aphmau became more child friendly

  • Simon Bales

    the Siren head in this was very inaccurate, Siren head is 12 blocks/12 meters/40 feet tall, not 100s of blocks tall. also, why didn't pierce say that in the sirens had mouths inside to chomp u down?

  • Charlotte Ferreira

    Pierce: that doesn't mean were out of the woods yet.

  • Ariana Bran
    Ariana Bran Hace 28 días +3

    I like the way pierce said "you roll up in a ball and ready to get sirened" and Chris said"be something.....be an eggle caw"

  • ^mentally Ill Furry^
    ^mentally Ill Furry^ Hace un año +344

    I like how Pierce says to have no doors and Aphmau says "lets feed him to the Siren Head" at the last night

  • Jannine Klarizze Shorts

    I Like The Way That Kawaii~Chan Talking And Noi Omg Those Are My Favourite Characters Ahhh I'm Happy 🙃

  • Maisey4836smlfan

    I liked the door idea so then you can walk in and and when the mods walk in the fans will push them in the spicky traps

  • Storm Craft

    I love how they are makeing secure stuff and I’m old enough to know that siren head is not real but it is creepy in real life I know that and why every single time it’s day time he disserpears

  • Dave Cotty 83
    Dave Cotty 83 Hace un año +3

    I started watching aphmau when I got into my Phoenix drop high and then I realised she did awesome vids I’ve been watching her for two months now

  • Gabrielle Annika Valdivia

    when Pierce was telling a story and Ein shouted Pearce looked up in the sky to see if that shout was from siren head

  • Black._..DemOniC
    Black._..DemOniC Hace un año +288

    Aphmau: I would like to go inside.

  • Waffu Waffle
    Waffu Waffle Hace un año +76

    Pierce has the best scary story/movie trailer voice ever.