From HUMAN To GLAMROCK CHICA Story In Minecraft!

  • Publicado el 30 dic 2021
  • My friends are stuck inside animatronics and I have to save them!
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  • Help me reach 1k subzz before February

    “Yesterday is history”
    “Tomorrow is a mystery”
    “Today is a gift”
    “That’s why it’s called a present”
    Happy new year everyone

    • Francis Martin Galario
      Francis Martin Galario Hace 16 días

      @Christofer Pezet [High Quality Videos] wut u mean aph is gay bruh u have no kindness

    • Shrek_Peppa
      Shrek_Peppa Hace 17 días

      @ᆞ m. I go

    • Shelby Shipley
      Shelby Shipley Hace 18 días

      @Christofer Pezet [High Quality Videos] you haven't made any vids loser

    • Shelby Shipley
      Shelby Shipley Hace 18 días

      @Instagram User you dont have any vids

    • Shelby Shipley
      Shelby Shipley Hace 18 días

      @Instagram User Your content sucks btw

  • Potato
    Potato Hace 19 días +54

    Aphmau, thank you for making everyone’s day better!

    • lugi
      lugi Hace 15 días

      French fries.

    • Lea Madelo
      Lea Madelo Hace 16 días

      Aphmau's video are beautiful

  • Belinda Cousins
    Belinda Cousins Hace 19 días +8

    Hey Jess👋👋 I recently re-watch My Inner Demon's, and it was the best series ever. But.... I think most people would agree that a season two would be awesome. And maybe with a few more girl deamos😉 (I'm sorry if I spellt that wrong I'm bad at spelling). Any way I was just putting it out there pls read this and think about it. Love you 💓💓💓😘😘😘

    • Aiden Clish
      Aiden Clish Hace 18 días +1

      Still I don’t mean to come of rude I like Jess and wish her a happy new year but I just don’t like these vids as much as the old ones like I could rewatch those forever but I don’t re arch these vids I don’t Evan watch them most the time but I’m still happy how far she’s grown

    • Aiden Clish
      Aiden Clish Hace 18 días +1

      @Aphmau am her fan I’m fine with waiting but when she said all her old rp fans had to wait for her old style of content I didn’t think she was never going to make a video like her old ones for like the past to years I JUST WANT A ROLPLAY 😭 Evan tho she got more fans I feel like she’s loosing some of the real ones who have been around from the rps and know the story’s

    • Aphmau am her fan
      Aphmau am her fan Hace 18 días +1

      Ya I agree to her old fans been waiting for season 2 for like 2 years

  • Dan Tockman
    Dan Tockman Hace 19 días +1

    Hey aphmau happy New Year and also thank u for showing me to be kind and thanks for all you're help through 2021 and all of the other years thx for teaching me how to prank from run and pierce thx for kc for making and teaching me how to make a cake and u inspired me to be a ESclipsr thank u and have a great NEW YEAR APH LOVE U

    • Babar Memon
      Babar Memon Hace 19 días +1

      Yes. Happy new year aph ╮(─▽─)╭

  • mendoza keet
    mendoza keet Hace 18 días +2

    i just love how aph just ignores ein for a while den she notices his voice

  • Sophie Cooney
    Sophie Cooney Hace 19 días +13

    Hi aphmau I just wanted to let you know that you make me feel so happy because you inspire me to play Minecraft and I love it I want to be like you I bet you inspire other people so I’m going with your hard work :)

  • Aiden Clish
    Aiden Clish Hace 18 días

    First video I’ve actually enjoyed a lot in a while idk maybe it just reminds me of your old content but I hope your doing good happy 2022 hope your channel only grows from here


    I love the FNAF mods! It's so cool! I'm happy FNAF is still living on in 2021! Happy New Year everyone!

  • Goofus DestroyerOfWorlds
    Goofus DestroyerOfWorlds Hace 19 días

    I feel like I kinda miss her old content, tbh. It just feels like something's been sucked out of her new videos...

  • lexi tener
    lexi tener Hace 20 días +17

    Happy new years, I hope your year is going to be great. And I have been supporting your content for over as long as I can remember and you are one of the best ESclipsr out there❤️and I will always love your content and don't stop it. You make my day everyday

  • Leo Eitan
    Leo Eitan Hace 18 días +12

    You know Aphmau, it would be really cool if you made a video where you have all creatures and characters that you've ever played as in one place all at once like a true Aphmau multiversal crossover. You can make up your own crossover idea during the three-part mini-series but are some "When Worlds Collide" ideas: Ultima Wolf and Frost Ninja, Queen Bee and Vampire Queen, Squid Game Doll and Dark Angel, Adopted by Mermaids and Adopted by Ghosts, Iron Girl and Spider-Girl, Mermaid Princess and Fairy Princess. Those were just some ideas for crossovers you could do, but, you CAN obviously mix and match them however you desire. You could do some or all these listed characters but you could also use ones that aren't even listed here in order to bridge the paths between all these different characters for a multiverse of endless possibilities. In Minecraft of course.

    CHEERIOS SQUAD Hace 11 días +1

    I feel like Aaron would've been a great voice actor for Freddy in the real game

  • titalisha
    titalisha Hace 19 días +1

    My daughter LOVES the cat plushies and has so many ideas! Please consider making a mermaid one 😊 🧜🏼‍♀️

  • Frog Purple Hat Morgan
    Frog Purple Hat Morgan Hace 19 días

    Aphmau I love your videos and you make me laugh when you prank an and Pierce everyday when you make me laugh I really like when you and Aaron make some cute moments well I've been watching you for 3 years actually by the way I really liked Minecraft to it's really cool I subscribed to you and every time when you make a video I make sure to press the like button make sure you guys to press the like button to


    Aphmau is always a legend and always make our day better 😌💜🖤

    • Mr nooby
      Mr nooby Hace 19 días

      Why do you want to scam people?

  • Seraphina Bird
    Seraphina Bird Hace 19 días

    Omg aphmau I love your videos I also love security breach but your work is amazing also I kinda wanna see ein and pierce learn their lesson or maybe actually be nice to aphmau when she's ACTUALLY hurt HAPPY NEW YEAR (also pleeease tell me what mods you use!!! )

    • Seraphina Bird
      Seraphina Bird Hace 19 días

      Also I'm not crazy but I need a video where noi has a crush... lol

  • Darren McCulloch
    Darren McCulloch Hace 18 días

    Hi KC, Zane, Ian, Pierce, 👋 I am borrowing my dads phone.
    Love your videos guys 📹 they really make me laugh 🙂.
    I would love to be a part of your team and was wondering if I could perhaps help in your videos?
    I have some great ideas and would love to share them. I'm 9 years old and am a huge minecraft fan.
    My dad says he'll let me kmow your response.
    Thank you hope you like my ideas and from Max

  • Lucy Litchfield
    Lucy Litchfield Hace 18 días +7

    Aphmau you bring a smile to everyone’s face with your videos

  • PhoenixWolf
    PhoenixWolf Hace 19 días

    hope you continue this adventures together for a very long time

  • Kenisha Ntege
    Kenisha Ntege Hace 20 días +32

    Ein: Now I can finally achieve my density!
    Aphmau: You mean destiny!?
    Me: He is dense!


    Can we all agree that when she posts all our days get better💜💜💜

  • GemNinja
    GemNinja Hace 18 días +1

    Zane would definitely be Glamrock Freddy,him and Freddy both have the protective caring father personality.

  • Nezuko the best demon
    Nezuko the best demon Hace un día

    I would love to hear noi say some sundrop/moondrop voice lines because they sound very similar

  • LadyPrimarina25
    LadyPrimarina25 Hace 3 días

    Ein: "now I can finally achieve my density!"
    Me: "he already is dense!"

  • Olta Sema
    Olta Sema Hace 20 días +28

    Happy New Year Jess! I hope all of the best for all of you! I hope you know how much brighter you make every single day and I wish that every day of 2022 is a beautiful and joyous one! I love you very much and thank you for every beautiful thing that you have done!!

  • mals24Channel
    mals24Channel Hace 16 días


  • Monica Madrid
    Monica Madrid Hace 18 días

    I've been watching your videos for so long and I always been wanting to meet you in person and I love your videos but whenever you make a new video I only see it like 1 hour later or two I don't really have an account on ESclips but this is my mom's account on her phone cuz I can't really chat on my switch cuz I plan on switch

  • Jessica Lightfoot
    Jessica Lightfoot Hace 12 días

    I LOVE how sundrop\sunny\moondrop\glitter glue addict is voiced by noi and the helper bot is zane .(also a note for noi: it's called the daycare )

  • Annabellabunny 31
    Annabellabunny 31 Hace 19 días

    I thought freddy was Aaron at first but now I know it's Zane because he complimented KC. Also have a great day Aphmau adr friend love your videos that always make my day better

  • AshenaStars
    AshenaStars Hace 19 días +25

    Kim: "Okay, take care Teddy bear!"
    Aaaaaa Kim that's cute xD
    HAPPY NEW YEAR ✨ Thanks for providing us entertainment; 2021 has been great...looking forward for all the opportunities this 2022!

  • ✨AveryOxO✨
    ✨AveryOxO✨ Hace 17 días

    This seems like a Speedrun of security breach.

  • Erica Blakeman
    Erica Blakeman Hace 18 días

    11:28 Anyone Can Tell That's Noi's Voice.

  • Diego Roman
    Diego Roman Hace 19 días +2

    Okay, but that Freddy impression is GOD TIER.

  • Aron Junferd Peñaloga
    Aron Junferd Peñaloga Hace 19 días

    Happy New Year Aphmau!

  • KitsuneHeartGem💜💖
    KitsuneHeartGem💜💖 Hace 20 días +10

    Aphmau is always a legend and always make our day better 😌💜🖤

    • Mirjinou
      Mirjinou Hace 20 días

      My parents Said iff i gott 20,2k subss ,I wouldd get a new gaming PC"


    Honestly love the new vids that are coming out but also miss when they’d play murder mystery and other stuff like that

    • Steven Lowrie official
      Steven Lowrie official Hace 15 días

      @Tracy Withers true

    • ASC Customer Service
      ASC Customer Service Hace 15 días

      leser tag

    • Mohammad Rusydi Mohd Ramli
      Mohammad Rusydi Mohd Ramli Hace 16 días

      I play roblox too

    • Lillian Edgar
      Lillian Edgar Hace 16 días


    • Paola Alejandra
      Paola Alejandra Hace 17 días


  • kit cat cat
    kit cat cat Hace 19 días +1

    Follow your dreams Aphmau you are special and even if people say your bad it's ok and don't listen to them that are mean you are special ☺️😁😃♥️

  • Sara Johnson
    Sara Johnson Hace 19 días +1

    I can tell everybody who’s acting in this by their voice:)

  • Jason Byers
    Jason Byers Hace 17 días +1

    Technically Sundrop isn't an evil character but it's still really an amazing video

  • mo0n
    mo0n Hace 20 días +32

    Anyone else notice that Glamrock Freddy was voiced by the same character who voiced Leif in My Inner Demons? In my opinion, it was awesome. All the characters were hilarious, as always. 😂 Have a good day or night everyone!!!

    • mo0n
      mo0n Hace 14 días +2

      @Mara's Makeovers Yea lol, there was a video before this and now a new video posted that has Freddy voiced by Leif. Honestly when I watched the first video with him voicing Freddy in it I thought it was Aaron/Jason too, but then I looked at the description 😅 I also thought (before I checked the description) that the voices didn't really match to Aaron/Jason's voice- (other than the fact that there is a robot filter on it)

    • Mara's Makeovers
      Mara's Makeovers Hace 14 días +2

      LOL I thought it was Aaron/Jason as well but then I checked the description

    • FacelessArt and fun
      FacelessArt and fun Hace 15 días +3

      Omg yeah

    • mo0n
      mo0n Hace 19 días +7

      @𝓬𝓸𝓬𝓸𝔁𝓶𝓲𝓲𝓪 If you look in the description and click the link for Freddy, it’s voiced by Austin Lee Matthews, who voiced Leif in My Inner Demons.

    • 𝓬𝓸𝓬𝓸𝔁𝓶𝓲𝓲𝓪
      𝓬𝓸𝓬𝓸𝔁𝓶𝓲𝓲𝓪 Hace 20 días +3

      I thought it was Aaron/jason

  • Terry Clements
    Terry Clements Hace 18 días

    Hello there I like how Glam Rock Freddy came out of nowhere and scares aphmau like where did he come from

  • MsBrandi28
    MsBrandi28 Hace 17 días

    I love how she yelled lol we all know she’s acting

  • Grace Eitoku
    Grace Eitoku Hace 17 días

    thank you aphmau for making these video


    Ein is the perfect person to play Monty :))

  • Evelyn Ly
    Evelyn Ly Hace 17 días

    Fun fact: The actor of Freddy is the actor of as he from my inner demons :D

  • Adria 🔥 I WANT SЕХ 💋 F Uc_k me

    Aphmau, thank you for making everyone’s day better!

  • Alexandra castillo
    Alexandra castillo Hace 16 días



    OMG I love your videos aphmau it's so good and because of this thank God I'm alive and and sorry that I'm saying and a lot all of your friends are really nice and I really love it keep going keep making videos !

  • Jannat Alam
    Jannat Alam Hace 20 días +41

    Ein: Now I can finally achieve MY DENSITY!
    Aphmau: You mean Destiny?
    Ein: Yes sure whatever



    Not suprised that in 5 minutes there is already 13k views.

  • Alice
    Alice Hace 17 días

    All your videos make me feel joy, happyness, love and your really cute when you eat potatos!

  • Mellow Marshmallow
    Mellow Marshmallow Hace 14 días

    i always love ein he always makes me laugh! like rn he said "He's ugly" WHAT A BEAUTIFUL TONE! +One sub-

  • Melissa Barlow
    Melissa Barlow Hace 19 días

    Am I the only one who was very impressed how noi can be cute sounding and then be scary

  • Amanda Selimi
    Amanda Selimi Hace 20 días +4

    This is absolutely perfect for my friend because she loves Aphmau and fnaf

  • Crystal wolf
    Crystal wolf Hace 4 días

    I'm pretty sure that the person voicing Freddy is Aaron And I'm 100% sure that sundrop Was being voiced by Noi


    I love the FNAF mods! It's so cool! I'm happy FNAF is still living on in 2021! Happy New Year everyone!

  • lilly
    lilly Hace 19 días +1

    the thumbnail is awesome love it

    • lilly
      lilly Hace 19 días +1

      love you aph Aaron

  • Chase Crofford
    Chase Crofford Hace 18 días

    In my mind Roxanne wolf is my favorite character for a few of different reasons . (1) she looks cool. (2) she never gives up even if her eyes are taken out. (3) she thinks the best of her self. That’s it

  • i!_3leñ_!i
    i!_3leñ_!i Hace 19 días

    Hey aphmau it's very late but can you please continue mystreet because I have been dying to make more edits to mystreet so please if you can we would appreciate it

  • The CoffeCat Squad!
    The CoffeCat Squad! Hace 19 días

    I love your Videos Aphmau! I've been watching your videos for over 3-4 years!

  • Hannah Blom
    Hannah Blom Hace 19 días

    I hope you all had a happy new year!

  • MaskedMan
    MaskedMan Hace 19 días

    Dear Aphmau,
    Your ESclips Channel grews so Fast!
    I love all of the videos 👑
    I loved the part:I heared that Superstart then Ein Screamed 🌺

  • CosmoChaos
    CosmoChaos Hace 20 días +4

    Have a Happy New Year people! Who loves Aphmau's posts and wait for them?

    • Mirjinou
      Mirjinou Hace 20 días

      My parents Said iff i gott 20,2k subss ,I wouldd get a new gaming PC"

  • Nicole Sanchez
    Nicole Sanchez Hace 18 días

    hey aph i have a wild emagination so wild its embaressing but hear me out if your reading this

    you are a regular person at first then you start doing something and ein comes in with a moded machine and you get sucked in along with kc kim mac zane pirce and aaron and see portals ein is in the machine already and poshes you in a portal that makes you dragon werewolves and you are in a new world along with that in that world regular animals are mixed with mistical ones and werewolf dragons are being hunted for thier scales wings and incredibly warm fur ein would let you get out of there if you give him gold but you cant go home to get some so you are stuck there for 10 mincraft days

    have freedome with this i warned you my imagination is wild bye and happy new year

  • Nick
    Nick Hace 19 días

    Happy new year’s everybody I hope you have a wonderful night

  • ・Itzblackcat•
    ・Itzblackcat• Hace 18 días

    That chiseled block glam rock foxy looks amazing

  • Scarlett🔞T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX💞 With Me

    Honestly love the new vids that are coming out but also miss when they’d play murder mystery and other stuff like that

  • Deyynski ARTZ
    Deyynski ARTZ Hace 20 días +77

    Claim it! APHMAU and friends are just some of those people who makes our day COMPLETE ❤️✨

    Advance Happy New Year to all..
    From 🇵🇭

  • We'll figure it out -0-
    We'll figure it out -0- Hace 18 días

    "Hey superstar! This way!" AHHH Leif sounds to much like him

  • LilGlitter
    LilGlitter Hace 15 días

    The beginning was like a speed run of the actual thing XD

  • Mason Tennessen
    Mason Tennessen Hace 19 días +26

    Honestly love the new vids that are coming out but also miss when they’d play murder mystery and other stuff like that

  • Jackie Muirhead
    Jackie Muirhead Hace 7 horas

    At 16:43 I Laugh so hard 😂

  • ☆Miracle Crystali☆
    ☆Miracle Crystali☆ Hace 20 días +46

    Who else really appreciates Aphmau's posts and wait for it every time we
    can? And appreciate all the effort she puts into her videos to make
    them enjoyable? Aphmau always and always try to make us smile and she
    did! She is the most best youtuber ever! I’m so proud :)

    • Frog Frog
      Frog Frog Hace 20 días

      I do all the time

    • ᆞ
       Hace 20 días

      @Luna Hybrid V wolf Vampire(White female wolf) shut up gacha kid cringe roleplays

    • ᆞ
       Hace 20 días

      @Liam, Erin and Carl's gaming and house adventures i make better content, i will strangle ur cat

    • ᆞ
       Hace 20 días

      @Liam, Erin and Carl's gaming and house adventures imagine being white 💀

    • Liam, Erin and Carl's gaming and house adventures
      Liam, Erin and Carl's gaming and house adventures Hace 20 días

      @Christofer Pezet [High Quality Videos] Your voice is so deep who are you an anti-social 20 year old shut-in with a cold?

  • Charlie brown and Emma stella

    I love the part when he says destiny because that's my name

  • ♡cloudy♡
    ♡cloudy♡ Hace 18 días +1

    Does anybody else agree that Aphmau should stop making these videos I like when she makes her own videos it's okay if she does a couple things about new games but soon she's going to go over the limit


    Can we appreciate the fact that Aphmau just PG'd murder?

    TO2CRAFT Hace 19 días

    A very interesting video. I wish you all good health and good mood!

  • ꧁Blu3beryy☂︎︎BuNBuN꧂


  • name less
    name less Hace 16 días

    I'm happy when I watch your videos aphmau

  • maria ruth penasa
    maria ruth penasa Hace 17 días

    I love it when ein said"its ugly"


    Aphmau’s videos are the best!!!

  • Elizabeth Dean
    Elizabeth Dean Hace 19 días

    I Think For Your Next Video You Should To Make A Series Of UnforTunate Events RolePlay

    AphMau: Violet Baudelaire

    Noi: Klaus Baudelaire

    Mac: Sunny Baudelaire

    Ein: Count Olaf

    Zane: Mr.Poe

    Pierce: Uncle Monty

  • [ Billey ] H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve

    The map looks amazing

    It would be so cool if you do a tour of all the maps

    I would love to see every map and every area

    And the models are so cool

    I wish I could use the maps and the models you use for fnaf

    (Ik they most likely make the maps and models)

  • ☆Galaxy Una☆
    ☆Galaxy Una☆ Hace 12 días +1

    I thought the Freddy is Jason's voice 😂

  • Charlie
    Charlie Hace 19 días

    Anybody else think she should turn this into a series?

  • •°XxAngelKawaii°•
    •°XxAngelKawaii°• Hace 16 días

    the fact that glamrock freddy said "i heard you superstar" just made me die of laugter

    edit:have a nice day =D

  • Aslendra Kathy
    Aslendra Kathy Hace 18 días

    Happy New Years Aphmau

  • RadiantlyRight
    RadiantlyRight Hace 20 días +8

    Can we all agree that when she posts all our days get better💜💜💜

    • •Dxrknxss•
      •Dxrknxss• Hace 20 días


    • ᆞ
       Hace 20 días

      Stolen comment

    • Mirjinou
      Mirjinou Hace 20 días

      To the person reading this comment You are awesome & hope you are having a great day

      My dream is to hit 20k I hope you can help me accomplish my dream.

  • Hara Sama
    Hara Sama Hace 19 días


  • rafic elkhodr
    rafic elkhodr Hace 19 días

    im laughing because ein looks so funny in monty's body at 6:08

  • Mackenzie And Maclaine
    Mackenzie And Maclaine Hace 19 días

    My brother LOVES your videos, keep on making videos ❤

  • Jonna 🔞 T[A]P ON [M][Y] PlcTuRE

    Ein: Now I can finally achieve MY DENSITY!
    Aphmau: You mean Destiny?
    Ein: Yes sure whatever


  • 1 ˢᵘB Before 2023
    1 ˢᵘB Before 2023 Hace 20 días +71

    AphmaU doesn’t realize this, but She makes everyone’s days much better

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow Hace 19 días +1

    I can't believe kawaii-chan got turn into Glamrock chica she fits her so much also Happy New Year everyone


    the only thing i can think after watching this is:

    wow- lets see how much fnaf lore can make this werid: also pierce (or noi i think?) acting as sundrop and moonbeam from the last fnaf security breach video

  • Kevin McCue
    Kevin McCue Hace 19 días

    Hey, can you play a game called "Slime Rancher" it's a fun game, I think you will like it.

  • Marissa Kroes
    Marissa Kroes Hace 12 días

    Happy New year Jess! Happy 2022

  • Salmn_Game G9M
    Salmn_Game G9M Hace 19 días

    Can we Say how Aphmau Made Cool Videos

  • lilliana June
    lilliana June Hace 19 días

    Happy New years everyone, 2022!🥳

  • Ana Gonzalez
    Ana Gonzalez Hace 19 días