Faster Car - Loving Caliber [Aphmau Official]

  • Publicado el 8 jun 2017
  • Summer is here!

    ★Beautiful Animation by:
    Animation: Julieta Colás
    DIP: Beli de la Torre, Jacky Boone, Emmie Sandoval
    Backgrounds: Julieta Colás, Pablo León, Jacky Boone, Emmie Sandoval
    Compositing: Elías Tapia

    ★Faster Car:
    ★Loving Caliber LIVE version:
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  • Aphmau
    Aphmau  Hace 4 años +70583

    Summer is here! 💜❤️

  • Saikishou
    Saikishou Hace un mes +293

    The things I'd give to re-live the time that this all was coming out...

    • spider tronic
      spider tronic Hace 3 días

      @Aldwinn Suhartanto it means things where better in the old days and some of us wish we could go back and relive the good times of ESclips

    • Toxie_woods
      Toxie_woods Hace 4 días +1


    • isaberries
      isaberries Hace 5 días +1


    • Aldwinn Suhartanto
      Aldwinn Suhartanto Hace 6 días

      What i dont understand?

    • peachi
      peachi Hace 8 días +1

      i think we all would love to go back :/

  • Kristin Courtney
    Kristin Courtney Hace un mes +114

    Amazing how a random ESclipsr has had such an impact on all of us. I just turned 20 and came back for the nostalgia.. it's hard to believe I started watching Aphmau 5 years ago and now look how much she and the rest of us have grown. Sad and wonderful at the same time

    • CloudCover R.
      CloudCover R. Hace un día

      Just got back here are hearing faster car on Spotify, came for the nostalgia. What I’d give to relive seeing these for the first time.

    • Tara Rosabelle
      Tara Rosabelle Hace 4 días

      Same here like wow…

    • J
      J Hace 28 días


  • syle
    syle Hace 18 días +44

    The amount of nostalgia this series gives me is insane. I’ve been a fan of the MyStreet series ever since the first episode came out. I remember how you Aph used to voice all the characters yourself and how it was a simple minecraft series. Forever grateful for this series and I’ll never forget it. I still remember what the first thing I ever did on my first smartphone was- watch MyStreet’s latest episode. Can’t believe how fast time passes, it feels like yesterday I was watching Zane and Kawaii Chan get at it LMAO. Blows my mind how still know all the lyrics to this song after 4 years. Thanks aph for creating so many memories and such a lovable series.

    • Adia Kai
      Adia Kai Hace un hora

      I remember making so much bad drawings of them I think this series is what helped me start to improve my art and I’m forever thankful 🥲🥰

    • ItsLeyowThings
      ItsLeyowThings Hace un día

      omg so true! I remember how back then I was so obsessed with the characters too

  • Krysta Lubic
    Krysta Lubic Hace 2 meses +67

    4 Years and still, a masterpiece. (Good job aphmau. This is still my favorite animation. Love u so much keep working hard!!!)

    • Elizabeth Rojas
      Elizabeth Rojas Hace 2 meses


  • Rebecca loo
    Rebecca loo Hace un año +841

    This song brings me back to a time when life was so much simpler🎧😔

  • Dwll Dweller
    Dwll Dweller Hace 18 días +8

    Truly a wonderful work. I miss her old content like this and how I would watch it all day everyday after school. I followed her around 2 million followers this is insane. And the new kids watching her videos will never understand how much we loved this show. Truly an amazing part of my life I can’t forget.

  • GoldenCakez
    GoldenCakez Hace un mes +12

    This song brings back so many memories. It makes me so happy. The animation is so good too. I would always listen to this and watch this is my spare time.(And still do)

    • Yikkerz73
      Yikkerz73 Hace un mes +2

      Same here! Glad to see that there’s a lot of people visiting for the nostalgia

  • Ericka Marcelo
    Ericka Marcelo Hace un mes +11

    I started watching her videos when I was 11 years old. Right exactly the time she started Minecraft Diaries. I remember watching it beforing taking a bath before heading to school. Just how the time flies and now I'm 18 years old preparing for my college exams just seeing this makes me emotional since she became a huge part of my childhood.

    • J
      J Hace 28 días

      Lol I’m 11 rn and I started watching her for like 5 years ago

  • Jhenn
    Jhenn Hace un día +2

    it hurts seeing these old videos of hers. i remember it was like almost yesterday when i would get excited for another mystreet episode. don’t get me wrong, jess your channel has been doing so well lately! but as someone who has grown older no longer find interest in the type of videos you make nowadays… i can tell you target an younger audience with your content but if you ever get the time to start mystreet or other role plays back up on your other account or this account that would be amazing! i would love to support you if you did so! i love you jessica

  • Cherry Puppy
    Cherry Puppy Hace un año +2256

    POV: You're currently crying from nostalgia watching all of Aph's videos and roleplays wishing you could go back to 2017

  • Just Me
    Just Me Hace 6 días +1

    Brings me back to the good old days, when everything was simple and wonderful. Thank you, Aph!

  • chainscore
    chainscore Hace 12 días

    This song and entire video is still amazing even after 4 something years, makes me wanna go and rewatch the entire series for the nostalgia

  • ❀ 𝔸𝕍𝔼ℝ𝕐  ❀

    5 years later and we still listen to it, remembering how simple those years were. now we so many things that don’t make it that easy anymore I miss 2010-2017. Those were the best years for me, and I miss it

  • Allison ._.
    Allison ._. Hace 8 días

    I miss this so much and seeing her channel grow it’s makes me think how much time has passed it’s crazy. Always will be my favorite ESclipsr for sure!!

  • vickrn
    vickrn Hace 11 meses +3670

    cant believe my childhood is over now, thank you aphmau for basically raising me lol. gonna take a trip down memory lane and rewatch her old series :')

      IM_MR_QUARTER Hace un día

      @Emma im sorry i have some stupid stuff that reminds me of my childhood too

      IM_MR_QUARTER Hace un día

      @Emma im just saying if her videos were there for you then im sorry cause her content sucks

    • Emma
      Emma Hace un día

      @IM_MR_QUARTER I never said my childhood was happy?? All I said is that Aph was there for me. Stfu

      IM_MR_QUARTER Hace un día

      @Emma you grew up with Minecraft videos sad sad childhood

    • Alex Adams
      Alex Adams Hace un mes


  • Alloshi
    Alloshi Hace un mes +5

    crazy how it’s already been 2 years since i stopped watching her, im now into the newer generation of Minecraft youtubers, but the old generation will always have a special place in my heart

  • EnderCraft888 / AmberStar

    Feels like just yesterday this came out. Can’t believe it’s been so long already. Good times.

  • MelkuOriginal
    MelkuOriginal Hace 2 meses +11

    Rewatching Love Love paradise right now.. I freaking love it so much. I’m planning on watching mysteet until the sad seasons. I’m also gonna watch her other series from years ago. I really hope Aphmau start role playing again. I know it’s stressful and she’s very busy but I really miss this. I hope maybe she makes another series similar to mystreet? I really can’t watch season 7 if it’s going to be depressing like the other seasons. I love you Aphmau for making my childhood. This animation is so cute. It’s hard to believe it have made four years ago! Thank you again Aphmau and everyone who helped you. This truly made my life better. To who ever is reading this, have a good day/night ❤️

  • mentally unstable twat
    mentally unstable twat Hace un mes +4

    Aphmau i wanna thank you for raising me as a little kid, you were amazing and still amazing ❤️ i’ve been watching for so many years but i haven’t watched you since you were pregnant with the new baby! 2016 was the best year of Aphmau. My cousin watches you now, her name is Alice! she loves you and i told her how amazing you are and she watches you every time you post❤️❤️

  • FatSardine
    FatSardine Hace un año +7708

    EVERYTIME I watch this, it gives me so much nostalgia. I miss those days.

  • Spotlongsauce
    Spotlongsauce Hace un mes +3

    I wouldn’t be here without this song, me and my friend have gotten really close through mystreet and Loving Caliber

  • Sree Lakshmi
    Sree Lakshmi Hace 2 meses +6

    I am in love with this song. Wish corona would end and Aph would do a season 7. Season 6 literally broke my heart.

  • pastelllie
    pastelllie Hace un mes +2

    I miss the good old days of this music and going to the beach every summer, good times

  • -Optiline-
    -Optiline- Hace un mes +1

    honestly even after years it still surprise me how the same song that i have listen so many times is still my fav
    the series is just memorable, i kinda forgot some of the plot
    im currently about to watch the whole mystreet and MCD series again. how are you btw?

  • Jamie is not okay
    Jamie is not okay Hace 11 meses +863

    I feel like a lot of us have been coming back here. Aphmau is how I bonded with my first real friends. I miss when I was a kid. It was so hard, but Aphmau was my everything. Watching Diaries and then My Street after school was my favorite thing to do.

  • Winter night
    Winter night Hace 15 días +2

    I miss just coming home from school and being so excited to see the next episode of my street was out. The things I'd give to be in that moment again, We love you Jess

  • Pluto / Willow
    Pluto / Willow Hace 18 días +3

    i remember coming home from school and watching aphmau’s videos,,
    its a shame she doesnt post her mystreet series anymore
    i really enjoyed it!
    sorry recently ive been watching videos from my childhood! :]

  • Lovely Toast
    Lovely Toast Hace 17 días

    I know everyone coming back here after so long remembers the lyrics word by word even if it's been so long since we've heard this masterpiece 😭 💜

  • ThePresidentsNutsack
    ThePresidentsNutsack Hace un mes +1

    Can’t believe it’s already been 4-5 years. I miss when I was younger and I had this to listen to and watch

  • SithLibra
    SithLibra Hace 9 meses +406

    It's really nostalgic coming back here after not having watched her for almost 3 years. My childhood literally was centered on her pixelmon and PDH series. Glad she's getting the attention she deserves! :))

    • Kevx
      Kevx Hace 8 meses +2

      @『Asphyxia』 well in the note say that she'll be continuing if the covid pandemic is over or that they feel like it, they will continue it but possibly not now /2021 or some sort, and the contents shift is still roleplay but it's different like they enjoy this roleplay and yes they will still continue My Street S7 but not so often cause the work is hard and hard to do. That what I understand just read the note "happy new year" on the community

    • 『Asphyxia』
      『Asphyxia』 Hace 8 meses

      @Kevx Has she said that though? Her content has really shifted lately, I wasn't sure if it was gonna continue. I'm thinking of tuning back in for the nostalgia lmao

    • Kevx
      Kevx Hace 8 meses

      @PeryPeachy stay tune for S7

    • PeryPeachy
      PeryPeachy Hace 8 meses +1

      I've been here since mystreet started

    • Kevx
      Kevx Hace 8 meses

      Read the 2020 new year on community post there some Info for the RP

  • Klein
    Klein Hace 13 días +1

    This is so nostalgic ❤️ I remember back then I would sing this song and rewatch this video, back then was so much fun.

  • Ing ;-;
    Ing ;-; Hace un mes +5

    It’s been so long since I lasted listened to this, nostalgia am I right

  • Sw4gk0re♥︎
    Sw4gk0re♥︎ Hace un mes +1

    I miss the good old days where ESclips was this pure…
    Most of the new modern ESclips creators aren’t as pure as your videos.
    I just want to see more ESclipsrs like you
    Your amazing and i love your videos

  • Cherise
    Cherise Hace 12 días +1

    I’m turning 17 this year and I always find myself back to rewatching my street and Minecraft diaries because it’s what made me happy as a kid its kinda nostalgic rewatching this music video I’m glad she’s still relevant and making kids happy🖤

  • lore Ss
    lore Ss Hace un año +235

    I’m back 2020 in quarantine and I remember this being my favorite song years ago. I still know each lyric perfectly haha

  • Heziboi
    Heziboi Hace 27 días +1

    Omg, the good ole days when Aphmau made Mystreet was literally IT! I'm so upset that Mystreet ended like that. It was such a good, yet sad, ending!

  • SIAH the swords men
    SIAH the swords men Hace 4 días

    15 and I'm still coming back to rewatch mystreet regularly

  • KitKat
    KitKat Hace 2 meses +1

    I miss these old vids so much the nostalgia it bring it stills feels so fresh like when it first came out

  • Doc the Snom
    Doc the Snom Hace 15 días +1

    So much nostolgia. I remember when this was first posted. These were the glory days of Aph

  • Acer 1918
    Acer 1918 Hace un año +603

    The amount of memories that this song brings back. I barely remember a time when I was just so carefree, when life was simple. Now I have problems to work out, I’m losing friends, I’m growing up, it all just seems so long ago you know?

    • Kurt
      Kurt Hace 6 meses


    • Nuggets
      Nuggets Hace 6 meses

      I know that feeling

    • Karol Espinoza
      Karol Espinoza Hace 6 meses

      i remember watching her in fifth grade, and watching this when it came out four years ago, i’m in 10th grade now :((

    • katsaw.
      katsaw. Hace un año +3

      @marisa.x. just make the most of your life in the moment :))

    • katsaw.
      katsaw. Hace un año +2

      u literally just described me i just lost my whole friend group and i was already struggling it just sucks i miss the good days when this came out

  • Little Story Teller
    Little Story Teller Hace un día +1

    cant believe my childhood is over now, thank you aphmau for basically raising me lol. gonna take a trip down memory lane and rewatch her old series :')


  • ItzxArctic
    ItzxArctic Hace 6 días

    Crying while listening to this song. I miss the old fun days when i would come back from school and there would be a new episode and i would watch this instead of doing homework. The song Be With You also bring back memories. I wish everything was how it was back then.

  • itz_aph😫💅
    itz_aph😫💅 Hace 6 días

    4 years and still one of my most favourites

  • Josh Roy
    Josh Roy Hace 20 horas +1

    My street was an amazing series, so sad to see it's over

  • QDCutie
    QDCutie Hace 2 años +654

    There’s something about this vid that makes me want to watch every Mystreet and MCD again

    • AcidFrog
      AcidFrog Hace un año

      QDCutie The funny thing is that I finished My street in two days 😆😂

    • xtroza uwu
      xtroza uwu Hace un año

      QDCutie Naaah for me its Love Love Paradise

    • い私は死にた
      い私は死にた Hace un año

      Bro sammmmmme

    • :)
      :) Hace un año

      I'm at season 5

    • I’m a Hooman, I think
      I’m a Hooman, I think Hace un año +3

      I agree but I know I’m just gonna cry again

  • Secha
    Secha  Hace 2 meses +6

    this was one of my childhood escapes im really thankful that you made this series with the others and im really glad that i found this again..

    • Elizabeth Rojas
      Elizabeth Rojas Hace 2 meses


    • Elizabeth Rojas
      Elizabeth Rojas Hace 2 meses


    • Elizabeth Rojas
      Elizabeth Rojas Hace 2 meses


    • Elizabeth Rojas
      Elizabeth Rojas Hace 2 meses


    • Elizabeth Rojas
      Elizabeth Rojas Hace 2 meses


  • Lyndsey Burns
    Lyndsey Burns Hace 2 días

    I started watching Aphmau about 2years ago and every time I come back home I watch Aphmau and it has made such a impact on my life

  • Anixnei
    Anixnei Hace 7 días +1

    Honestly I think imma just binge watch the whole mystreet again it was so freaking good I remember when the emerald one came out and I literally bawled my eyes out

  • Nowan BG
    Nowan BG Hace 14 días

    I absolutely love this song!

  • Kookie TaeChim
    Kookie TaeChim Hace un año +726

    I feel like crying. Aphmau was literally my whole childhood... I MISS THIS SO MUCH I-

    • The Jungle Cat
      The Jungle Cat Hace un año


    • Cherry Puppy
      Cherry Puppy Hace un año

      And honestly??? Idk if she's coming back to roleplays in a while, since her recent videos gets over 1M views each. I hope she doesn't give up on all her series, she has an entire fanbase and studio waiting

    • Brandon Williams
      Brandon Williams Hace un año

      Agreed we all remember PhD :( I'm waiting for more mystreet with a newroad

    • shuaa khayyat
      shuaa khayyat Hace un año

      me to

    • The Hollands
      The Hollands Hace un año

      I’m her BIGGEST fan

  • Nora
    Nora Hace un mes

    Anyone else rewatching old music videos for nostalgia instead of finally watching that last season?

  • Uni
    Uni Hace 7 días +2

    I can't believe I started watching Aphmau when I was 8, and to think I'm turning 17 this year just blows my mind...

  • kurabella
    kurabella Hace un mes

    4 years.. goodness and I still love this stuff

  • ChocoBeens
    ChocoBeens Hace 7 días

    It's really wonderful because I was in middle school when I first saw this, and now I'm in high school, but this channel has changed, and I wish it was the way it was before.

  • lilbluera
    lilbluera Hace 5 meses +910

    I seriously can't believe I started to watch her when I was around 10 years old and now in about a month and a half I'm gonna be 16 years old. This is insane. THis is honestly the song I come back to when I want to feel like a child again or just need a song to calm me down. I wish the series was continued, would've been beyond amazing because of how amazing all of the seasons were.

    • That Person
      That Person Hace 6 días

      I feel that. I started watching Aphmau when I was around 12, and now I'm turning 18, I miss it when everything was so simple.

    • Kitty294 _
      Kitty294 _ Hace 9 días


    • Kathy Zinn
      Kathy Zinn Hace 9 días

      Yeah these songs are amazing

    • Dopey samu3l
      Dopey samu3l Hace 9 días

      @thefoxy1080 she did make a post at the start of 2021 saying that she really wants to do the rp again but because of covid and stress people (fans) put on her to post the series on a weekly schedule so its likely it will restart this year or she just gives up which is fair she has kids and a life

    • Kiyoko Shimizu
      Kiyoko Shimizu Hace 14 días

      I’ve been watching her since I was around 4 or 5, but I didn’t have an account Bach then

  • Fei !
    Fei ! Hace un mes

    I was around 8 when I watched her content, and god damn it does this give nostalgia.

  • St4rlen_
    St4rlen_ Hace 2 meses

    Four years and I still love this song much

  • tas !
    tas ! Hace un mes +2

    When the song started I literally got whiplash from the nostalgia pummeling me into the ground

  • Cherise
    Cherise Hace 12 días

    no because this song truly takes me back to a time when life was simpler because I was younger and happier and my biggest problem was aphmau and aaron being together forever 😭

  • Hannah Sanihin
    Hannah Sanihin Hace un año +525

    watching this hits hard after all these years. i feel like crying, lately i rewatched MCD and ive realized how much jess' series really impacted my life. thank you for an amazing childhood aph, ive moved on to other fandoms but ill never forget this one.

    • Dashy
      Dashy Hace un año +1

      Same I bereli finish watching the series but Jess is the won and only and I'm re watching the series

    • fawn barnes
      fawn barnes Hace un año

      I feel the same exact way

    • SLEEPY
      SLEEPY Hace un año


    • Taehyungs Sunshine
      Taehyungs Sunshine Hace un año

      @VanGundy Cleo legit it’s so weird and you see how Jess has a corgi called jet before I even gout about her I liked corgis

    • Pug City
      Pug City Hace un año +2

      I really just want to be happy again and be a kid and do everything over again and change my life. I really don’t accept the person I am anymore. I hurt so many of my friends I basically have none at this point of my life (15 years old) and I started to see Jess around a couple of months she started her channel. Now I don’t want to look at my past anymore. I just don’t accept who I really am anymore just want to change my actions on what I did to all my friends and relationships.

      Edited: I don’t know what to do anymore with my life

  • Moon Rabbit Cookie
    Moon Rabbit Cookie Hace un mes +1

    Cant believe it’s almost over Childhood.. I started watching when I was around 7-8 maybe 9 I’m almost 16 a few days ago I heard this song on the radio and it just came back like I watched her yesterday but it’s been so long… I. Still remember when Ein pushed Aaron off of that cliff I was so mad but I got over it so thank u aphmau thank u for making my childhood the best to remember Love u all Merry Christmas ❤️

  • The Luna Family
    The Luna Family Hace un mes

    I love the video and the song just ties everything together with the beach scene

  • Leoooo_
    Leoooo_ Hace 4 días

    i’m almost 15 and still coming back and balling my eyes out from these videos

  • Gage Lynx
    Gage Lynx Hace un mes +1

    The nostalgia caused by this is insane im 16 now and i watched aphmau since i was 10

  • Moo
    Moo Hace un año +842

    I remember watching this a day after it came out

    It’s been 2 years🥺

  • Torrence Moore
    Torrence Moore Hace 20 días

    I love this song and every time I watch it it makes my day better.

  • Rat Fur In My Ass
    Rat Fur In My Ass Hace un mes

    Omg I remember this from so long ago. She should make more animations.

  • Vesper R.
    Vesper R. Hace un mes +1

    Oh geez the memories this song brings back...

  • Lynxie_
    Lynxie_ Hace 27 días +1

    I love that Lucinda just clicked her fingers and all the sand disappeared off of her. I like that minor detail considering Lucinda can use magic.

  • Bree
    Bree Hace un año +304

    it feels so weird to come back this this.... Aphmau was such a huge part of my middle school experience and this entire series is one of the reasons i’m still here to this day ❤️ it’s always nice to visit the things that pulled you through the worse times

  • Red Haired Shanks
    Red Haired Shanks Hace un mes +2

    Man I miss it here... my street and diaries was my everything! I always find myself rewatching everything! Man I wish I could relive it all!

  • Lovelygirlllllll
    Lovelygirlllllll Hace un mes

    Wow I watched her when I had no friends no family to take care of me .. I started to watch her this morning and just hearing her intro made me feel so calm

  • I like Anime
    I like Anime Hace un mes +1

    I might just rewatch the whole entire series because I decided to watch this again

  • Molly Breslaw
    Molly Breslaw Hace 5 días +2

    This brings back so many memories

  • Tired Tracie
    Tired Tracie Hace 2 años +1526

    Me: Remembers when Blaze is still alive-

    *Sobs very hard in the corner*

    Edit: And Aaron forgetting the great old memories-

    • TimeLord218
      TimeLord218 Hace 2 años +1

      Gasp I think I know how Arron can get his memory’s back!

      We just need to play this song.

    • alien
      alien Hace 2 años


    • B East
      B East Hace 2 años +1

      The thing with amnesia is that a strong memory can make you remember everything soooo we’re gonna visit tha phoenix drop high music room scene for at lest the 3rd time aren’t we

    • Nevada Francis
      Nevada Francis Hace 2 años

      Tired Tracie 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • AdrienDoseStuff
      AdrienDoseStuff Hace 2 años

      Noooooo i just remember nooooo

  • Darth Vegeta
    Darth Vegeta Hace un mes +2

    Can’t believe it’s been 4 years I remember when it first came out it was also on my birthday

  • Sparkly Ramen
    Sparkly Ramen Hace un mes

    im not even joking, i used to watch this like every single day back in 2017. it was ridiculous 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Cottage X Dusk
    Cottage X Dusk Hace 28 días

    Coming home to watch aphmaus uploads! Dude it was just the absolute best feeling, I loved everything about this and boy do I miss it

  • Gacha_Girl Gacha club speed paint

    This is so nostalgic, this was what I watched during 2020 and its just great!
    Aph if u see this thx or the good times!

  • lovejada
    lovejada Hace un año +564

    i haven’t listen to this song in almost 3 years.. i started tearing up i swear to god.. i cant what is quarantine doing to me 😔


  • Dydrohunt
    Dydrohunt Hace un mes

    This song will hold a special place in my heart after having watched this series the nastalgia is real

  • gooey
    gooey Hace un mes

    this has been helping me sleep better. thanks!

  • Spirited Dragon Studio
    Spirited Dragon Studio Hace 2 meses +1

    This video is kinda funny and I love the feel of summer this video brings me.

  • emestriadarkdilockz
    emestriadarkdilockz Hace un mes +3

    Truly one of my most favorite seasons.. before chaos happened. I miss this series.

  • _Existing_
    _Existing_ Hace 2 años +3089

    Oh how I miss when everyone was alive and uninjured.

    The good ol’ days.

    • Elizabeth Rojas
      Elizabeth Rojas Hace 2 meses


    • Elizabeth Rojas
      Elizabeth Rojas Hace 2 meses


    • Elizabeth Rojas
      Elizabeth Rojas Hace 2 meses


    • Elizabeth Rojas
      Elizabeth Rojas Hace 2 meses


    • Princess Cruz
      Princess Cruz Hace 2 meses

      What happened??😭

  • David Talaron
    David Talaron Hace un mes

    the amount of nostalgia this gives

  • byokiii
    byokiii Hace un mes

    omg i watched aphamaus my street series when I was in maybe 5th grade….im in highschool now and rewatching this made me so emotional, damn, most people would think that minecraft rps were cringey but man were they the best times of my life 💖

  • Gachalife Wolfie
    Gachalife Wolfie Hace 2 meses +6

    I miss the old vids they don't feel as fake well not fake but planned or down to a script as the new ones so for me this is really nostalgic, I also miss Kaitlyn, Travis, Garoth, and the others.

  • •Gacha Cousins•
    •Gacha Cousins• Hace un mes

    Even tho I’ve only discovered Aphmau for about a year…. This is so touching 😭😭

  • sun kang
    sun kang Hace 2 años +994

    I love how at the end Zane is still glaring at Garroth like, “I’m still mad as heck, bro.”

      BLUEXBERRY❤ Hace un mes


    • I marry dogs
      I marry dogs Hace un mes

      Ik that was funny

    • Idk
      Idk Hace un año

      I love it how at the end kawaii~Chan’s leg or tail was touching almost zane

    • Neo Octo
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      sun kang Meanwhile Kawaii Chan is kicking his butt

    • Laura Likes Potato Nuggets
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      or he is like don't try to do anything Aaron SHE IS MY BEST FRIEND

  • Aj _Love
    Aj _Love Hace un mes

    Dam watchin this makes me realized how much good times I took for granted

  • Kitty294 _
    Kitty294 _ Hace 9 días +1

    I cannot believe it’s already been 4 years since this video came out
    I first started watching Aphmau when I was in grade 3 and now I’m in high school 😭😭😭 I’m cryinggg

  • DepthVR
    DepthVR Hace un mes

    I've been watching Aph forever now. I remember Phoenix Drop High when it came out, and remember waiting for episodes. Now I'm in highschool myself. And man, I wish my highschool life would be like Phoenix drop lol. Highschool is so dull and boring. I'm a sophomore

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    It's been 4 years and I still think this is a good video

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    love how this pops up in my recommended. guess it’s time to rewatch all the season😌

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      Cassandra Margit Winther Hace un año

      Guess it's time to rewatch the series, I think a lot of people grew up with this series tho

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      @Lizzy B Welcome😊

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      @~Ellen~ thanks so much!

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  • Dopey samu3l
    Dopey samu3l Hace 9 días

    Take me back to these incredible days when I was more innocent the world was happier and less toxic now we have people protesting for attention, covid and just people showing their bad side

  • Erin~Sama
    Erin~Sama Hace 25 días

    My childhood will never end. (I hope)

    KING OF BREAD Hace 13 días +1

    Full Definition of nostalgia

    1 : the state of being homesick : homesickness. 2 : a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to or of some past period or irrecoverable condition also : something that evokes nostalgia. Other Words from nostalgia Example Sentences Learn More About nostalgia.

    No words can describe how thankful i am for mystreet and for Aphmau and the hole team