You Will Always Be The One - Loving Caliber

  • Publicado el 21 nov 2019
  • Our New ❤️Aaron And 💜Aphmau Memory Foam Meow~Meows:

    A tribute to Aaron and Aphmau's story in Phoenix Drop High Season 1. Love blooms in many ways and everyone has their own way about their own relationship. Finding love be it in a relationship or friendship is something that we all cherish. Thank you guys for allowing us to share this story with you, and I hope you all have stories of your own in your life that you fondly remember :purple_heart:

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    ====. * ・ 。゚☆ [Voice Actors] ☆。゚・* .====
    Student - Austin Matthews: amtraxva?lang=en
    Werewolf Girl #1 - Eileen Montgomery: EileMonty
    Werewolf Girl #2 - Caitlin Myers: mom0ki?lang=en
    Werewolf Boy - Michael Zekas: michaelazekas?lan...
    Aaron - Jason Bravura:

Comentarios • 43 895

  • Animee fann

    I had first started watching aphmau when I was younger and I miss her old content a lot but if what she's doing now makes her happy that's what's important

  • Xizz -
    Xizz -  +391

    I will never forget about My Street and the whole series in general, sadly it looks like the story will never get continued. The story telling and pacing were amazing, but I now see that the youtube algorithm treated the channel horrible during the later episodes, so it’s understandable why the content changed greatly. But I hope some day or sometime we might see the story again, but till then thank you for the helping hand during hard times in my life.

  • KamiDoesStuff

    I’m just here for the memories, there are truly no words to describe Mystreet.

  • Who Is Michael?

    I'm not gonna lie, i miss the old content you make, but i love how much i grew from them now that your old mcyt content is over. I wont demand more from you, i would never do that now. In the past maybe, but know that i love your vids just as much today, because i was still in 6th grade when i started watching you and im in college now. I grew up with your content and i'll always go back to all your vids, old and new. I love you❤💜 Aarmau 4 life!!!!!

  • 0Mellohi
    0Mellohi  +391

    nearly 2 years ?? no cos i miss mystreet and aphmaus old content, i see shes aiming her stuff at a younger audience now but i miss the never have i evers, prop hunts, hide and seek, other games outside of minecraft and overall roleplays

  • Gia 102
    Gia 102  +91

    Sigh… the good old days. My childhood lies here. I see she’s aimed more towards children content and away from role play. I missed all of that. I’m assuming she hasn’t even finished it. Would’ve loved to at least skip to the ending to see what happened after I came back. It makes me wonder though… is she happy doing all of this childish stuff- or does she do it to keep up the views? Oh well…

  • rose alam
    rose alam Hace 2 años +784

    Aphmau on the trending page in 2019? The NOSTALGIA 🥺

  • Jasmine Al-Igoe

    Came back to this after it turned two years old.. I love the transtions still! And KC trying to protect her ship.. <3 8D

  • Madz Art
    Madz Art  +281

    i wonder when shes going to do her roleplays again... we miss them

  • rachie
    rachie Hace 21 un día +14

    I randomly remembered Aphmau today and came back to this video. She was a huge part of my childhood and I will never forget all the things having the experience of watching My street brought me.

  • NootLive
    NootLive Hace 7 horas +4

    This series really kept me sane throughout everything I was going through as a kid. Honestly it’s my favourite and I make sure to re watch it at least every 1-2 years. So many scenes make me cry every time :”)

  • smokinghotdustpan

    there’s no way this came out two years ago- I literally remember sitting and waiting for the premiere😭😭

  • KitKatMuffin
    KitKatMuffin Hace 2 años +976

    Ah yes, PDH Season 1, when things were simpler, and people weren’t dying.

  • Layla the Moon Fury Ninja

    Just watching this video remembering that everyone has a chance to make up for someone. Just saying this out loud made me cry!

  • Miyukizu
    Miyukizu  +40

    Just got reminded of this today, this song played earlier and i got reminded of all the memories and it made me very happy to remember all these series

  • Le Stupid
    Le Stupid Hace un día +6

    This was really the Golden age the peak of her channel I see she's targeting younger audiences rather than her old fans which is understandable but by doing that she kinda loses all her old fans her stories and plots were amazing I loved the mermaid series and the royal series it kinda sucks to see what has become of this channel but whatever keeps her happy :) She'll have a special place in my heart but I miss when the most famous minecraft youtubers were roleplayers doing all these cool stories nd stuff now all everyone does is just play new games and build and thats fine I just miss the roleplays

  • Ella Abangan
    Ella Abangan Hace 14 días +6

    I love Aphmau and Aaron's love story, started as enemies and ending as lovers. I will never forget about MyStreet you made my childhood full of imagination.

  • bøbbī
    bøbbī Hace 4 horas +3

    When I was younger and I had watched the series, I was never so emotional for I couldn’t really understand the emotions, but now that I’m older and I’m rewatching the series, I cry at every song that was in MyStreet XDD though the songs are so attaching- or just any music video that is about Aaron and Aphmaus relationship. I like to sing, so whenever I sing one of the intro songs within the series, I make myself cry 😂😂 my mum says I’m weird for it’s only a minecraft story. Aphmau and Aaron were so close for nearly their whole lives and once they finally became official after many tearful (and stressful 🍿🍿) episodes, they still never got the happy ever after they wanted with each other. They fought for each other so much no matter if family was trying to turn them away from each other or if it was too much hard work, which is probably the reason why I keep crying, the storyline is so beautiful lol I’m nearly finished the series, just need to rewatch ‘When Angels Fall’ and then I’ll start crying over the ending XDD

  • HeyItsCree
    HeyItsCree Hace 2 años +637

    This hit me so hard with nostalgia I’ve decided to rewatch the entire series

    KEN PUIG  +138

    this is one of the best songs ever i’m even practicing to sing it