An ANGEL and DEMON's Forbidden LOVE In Minecraft!

  • Publicado el 22 dic 2021
  • I help an ANGEL and DEMON fall in love!
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Comentarios • 5 140

  • Akerzy
    Akerzy Hace 28 días +177

    who loves when they’re consistent with uploads

  • A Wat
    A Wat Hace 14 días +66

    Zane, seriously in love: “Help me confess my love for her!”

  • Brenden Tuominen
    Brenden Tuominen Hace un día +12

    I like how normally aphmau tries to help Zane confess his love and Zane doesn't want to do it but now it's the other way around where Zane wants to do it but aphmau like oh no goodies

  • Martyn Rose
    Martyn Rose Hace 21 un día +22

    Kc makes a cute angel and Zane always struggles to tell Kc how he feels about her every time he's around her.

  • Potato
    Potato Hace 28 días +29

    We all just appreciate that she always make videos everyday

  • Ryan Miller
    Ryan Miller Hace 21 un día +27

    Can we all appreciate how hard aphmau works to make us laugh

  • Famous
    Famous Hace 28 días +91

    “Be honest who else is a few hours late 😂”

  • Coding Chloe
    Coding Chloe Hace 21 un día +70

    It’s nice to know that aphmau is not the main character for once, it was actually getting kind of boring that aphmau was always too op for the rest of the characters in the story plot and she always comes out in the spotlight. JUST TO BE CLEAR, I am not hating aphmau at all I am just saying the change in the normal story plots is good

  • Bribe
    Bribe Hace 21 un día +234

    Me: “Zane falls for Kc everytime, even when he fell from the sky, his love for Kc will never stop!”

  • Yuri -joyment
    Yuri -joyment Hace 21 un día +19

    Zane: * dramatic acting as if in rp *

  • Jessie Yun
    Jessie Yun Hace 21 un día +59

    It's great to see Aphmau being herself as a normal player!


    Fun fact: love is the most powerful feeling in the world.

  • I play Roblox❤️
    I play Roblox❤️ Hace 28 días +210

    Can we just appreciate aphmau that she’s posting even though she’s been through haters and stuff

  • Songal18
    Songal18 Hace 21 un día +9

    Ein gets to play dad to Zane this time XD Fashion show Aphmau, this definitely has some of her coolest and cutest outfits ^^. Aphmau-Cupid to Angels and Demons, and Werewolves probably.

  • Lemon demon
    Lemon demon Hace 28 días +48

    Zane explaining to his kid how he met the mom.”zane: and that’s how I met your mom”

  • Devielle
    Devielle Hace 21 un día +4

    “Ian got to her first” instead of Ein

  • NoahGamer
    NoahGamer Hace 28 días +38

    Aphmau's the best we all love her videos so much that everyone really appreciate.

  • PokéMinecraftEVjam
    PokéMinecraftEVjam Hace 14 días +7

    Funny how the angel was always like kicking him up all he just wanted to talk to her. Ps. It would be very cool if there was a for bidden love of a huggy Waggy and a human

  • Lissy
    Lissy Hace 28 días +145


  • Athena Edgelord
    Athena Edgelord Hace 28 días +17

    This is actually one of my preferred love tropes