100% INVISIBLE Door To My SECRET Minecraft Home!

  • Publicado el 30 abr 2020
  • My secret base is LITERALLY in THIN AIR!

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  • -Polluted.Anon-
    -Polluted.Anon- Hace un año +45

    I remember Jason talking about this on his Twitter. Seeing it in action is truly amazing and I am so happy with the community in being able to do so much with the same base structure. Great video guys, keep it up 😊

  • Hydo -
    Hydo - Hace 6 meses +34

    I actually knew how those things work. Allow me to explain. When you go near the nether portal, you will see what's inside the nether. You know that infinite fall trap was made by Ein going through the portals constantly because of, well, falling really. The portal was made flat on the ground like grass. The one trap Aphmau also went into that was in her house, the portal that would have been super high into the sky, so of course, you wouldn't be able to see the portal that would make u go back on overworld. It's mostly nether portal science and well the mode that lets u see what's inside the nether.

  • The Tablet
    The Tablet Hace 3 meses +5

    How do you make those invisible doors to secret bases?? I'm really interested!

  • david webb
    david webb Hace 3 meses +4

    Ein: That's not a house, that's a closet!

  • Jonathan Rowlett
    Jonathan Rowlett Hace 3 meses +3

    1,000,000,000 out of 10 this is amazing! How long did it take you to make all of that awesome stuff in Minecraft?

  • Xasdf10
    Xasdf10 Hace un año +424

    Aphmau: The one person who is always up to some kind of shenanigans in Minecraft

  • Katia Radica
    Katia Radica Hace 7 meses +36

    When you throw the cookies at him it's so hilarious lol

  • joy 0397
    joy 0397 Hace 6 meses +12

    It is so fun watching ubplay Minecraft I got lots of ideas to prank my friends and build more things in Minecraft. I love your vids it is crazy and interesting to watch tx. 💞💞

  • Durifto
    Durifto Hace 7 meses +26

    I'm so excited to see another new video every time i wake up, I love your videos!

  • Buzz Lightyear
    Buzz Lightyear Hace 2 días +1

    "What's that up in the sky? It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a rocking Ein"

  • ShyROCKMAN 345
    ShyROCKMAN 345 Hace un año +5

    I wish this was a mod for bedrock. I can think of a lot of things to troll my friends with.

  • Mezzaninefie_Sparkle
    Mezzaninefie_Sparkle Hace 6 meses

    That's so funny I wish I have a friend like that

  • ImJoshie
    ImJoshie Hace 5 meses +1

    7:23 this has 2 meanings, you're a legend if you get both of 'em :)

  • ItsthatØctupus
    ItsthatØctupus Hace 5 meses +18

    It’s no “art museum” it’s an illusion museum!

  • Eclipsimus lunalus
    Eclipsimus lunalus Hace 7 meses +10

    Hehehehehe loved it this was really fun I wish I knew how to make a secret base but i'm pretty sure you need a computer for that.

  • TheGForceKids
    TheGForceKids Hace un mes +1


  • aly al-sadiyah
    aly al-sadiyah Hace 8 meses +17

    If you’re a wizard you’re the first wizard I ever met

  • ・Megumi-kun・めぐみくん・

    This video is where I found out about Aphmau.

  • Rob Butler
    Rob Butler Hace 7 meses +16

    When you threw the cookies at him it’s hilarious

  • A season
    A season Hace un año +856

    I love how Jason's the only person who Jess cant prank and get away with it

  • Imperium Systematic and Research

    The Imagination Box Has Joined The Chat (From Dream)

  • SeamusTV
    SeamusTV Hace 9 meses +14

    Aphmau: I’m going to push this button.
    Also aphmau: *flicks lever*

    • Brian Crawford
      Brian Crawford Hace 5 meses

      @Yelena Diaz are you ok?

    • Yelena Diaz
      Yelena Diaz Hace 5 meses +1


  • Maitha Abdelaziz
    Maitha Abdelaziz Hace 6 meses

    How do that that’s so cool !!,!,you are amazing!

  • ✨Eri✨
    ✨Eri✨ Hace 6 meses +39

    “I don’t want cookies I want answers!” -Ein 2020

    • ✨Eri✨
      ✨Eri✨ Hace 15 días

      @Tori reacts official Hello :) Mina showed me how to do emojis

    • Tori reacts official
      Tori reacts official Hace 15 días


    • Anthony Shamoun
      Anthony Shamoun Hace 6 meses +5

      I would like a cookie, but not from the ground

  • Emma Parkinson
    Emma Parkinson Hace un año +7

    I've been watching you since Minecraft Tekkit part 1 and it's crazy how much this channel has changed but also how its still the same as old times thank you for all your hard work :)

  • Alyssa Crittenden
    Alyssa Crittenden Hace 6 meses +1

    Aphmau has a secret base everywhere in Minecraft I can make one on my own a cave

  • Joshua Gerardo
    Joshua Gerardo Hace 6 meses +31

    I laugthed so hard because about pierce when he said,s "whats that up in the sky its a bird! Its a plane! NO its a rocket ein!

  • -【LameVicky】-
    -【LameVicky】- Hace 10 días +2

    I remember the old Aphmau where it was all full with pranks and it was never really Aphmau, Ein and Pierce but Jessica, Chris and Shadow. I love the old days. RIGHT there was also Kestin, Meoka, Jason, etc-

    • Shadow R Midnight
      Shadow R Midnight Hace 3 días +1

      @-【LameVicky】- Yep, I would really like it of Ein or Pirce actually won

    • -【LameVicky】-
      -【LameVicky】- Hace 3 días +1

      Exactly!! That’s why I like to go back and look at her old videos. It makes me happy! (But it doesn’t hurt to look at her new videos. But I just feel like the old Aphmau was so true it was never pretend.)

    • Shadow R Midnight
      Shadow R Midnight Hace 3 días +1

      Same, I like her videos but they feel too scriped now

  • Claren Lina
    Claren Lina Hace 4 meses +3

    Is so funny I can't stop laughing 🤣

  • maria
    maria Hace un año +6


  • MetaMonarch
    MetaMonarch Hace 5 meses

    Love your vid‘s congrats on hitting a 10 mill

  • Tony Valentine
    Tony Valentine Hace 6 meses

    I really like this video I want to watch it all day while you tell her friends videos guys do you

  • Junhua Huang
    Junhua Huang Hace 4 meses +1

    This looks so cool I can’t believe Apmau

  • Ashley and Nicole
    Ashley and Nicole Hace 5 meses +1

    The video is so funny 🤣 I wish I was there✌

  • astonishinglightbean
    astonishinglightbean Hace un año +14

    momentum, a function of mass and velocity, is conserved between portals. in lamens terms, speedy thing goes in speedy thing comes out.

  • Lotus Keyper
    Lotus Keyper Hace 5 meses +1

    With the base in front of the tree this is me
    Me: *runs up too back of door then when I get there walk backwards and in the base*

  • Rob Butler
    Rob Butler Hace 7 meses +8

    When you threw the cookies at him it’s hilarious

  • Kelsey Nix
    Kelsey Nix Hace 8 meses +3


  • 😌SinGel FoRevEr😫

    I love when pierce said:its a bird! its a plane! 😂😂😂😂

  • Gerald Ballinger
    Gerald Ballinger Hace un año +40

    i use this when i'm building my secret base no one knows that my old destroyed house is really my secret base also its kinda like portal

    • Vilma Perez
      Vilma Perez Hace 6 meses

      Love the video so much more videos

    • Nathan Batac
      Nathan Batac Hace un año

      My house is a mansion its amazing but im gonna mace a secret bace

    • Julia H
      Julia H Hace un año

      Love you aphmau

    • N Hdje
      N Hdje Hace un año

      ASCrazyCatLady okjkkmmmnmk

    • Crow-Theif
      Crow-Theif Hace un año


  • TheNotDYL58
    TheNotDYL58 Hace 9 meses

    Mod:Imsersive portals

  • Valerie Rodriguez
    Valerie Rodriguez Hace 6 meses

    That's so cool you're awesome you're awesome aphmau

  • Anthony Shamoun
    Anthony Shamoun Hace 6 meses +2

    I wish you could make a secret roller coster in real minecraft

  • Cloudy_Panda
    Cloudy_Panda Hace 2 días

    Pierce/Shado:Whats that up in the sky?
    Pierce/Shado:Its a bird!
    Pierce/Shado:Its a plane!
    Pierce/Shado:NO! Its a rocking ein-
    Ein/Chris:I cant believe

  • Bryan G
    Bryan G Hace un año +6

    12:51 Pierce: Speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out.

    Nice Portal reference.

  • Kathleen Soares-Evans
    Kathleen Soares-Evans Hace un mes

    This is the best show I ever seen its amazing channel.

  • mimassi pascale
    mimassi pascale Hace 28 días

    I love the part when Pierre said look up there it’s a bird it’s a plane no it’s the falling ien

  • Liz Peck
    Liz Peck Hace 8 meses

    How do you make that base is there a mod?

  • pokecute12
    pokecute12 Hace un mes

    Aphmau you are a wizard you keep up you're doing good with your building

  • yarely huezo-alvarez
    yarely huezo-alvarez Hace un año +55

    jess:lets see if my freinds can figure out my secrets!
    also jess: *tells her secrets*

    • Stubbs Family Stubbs
      Stubbs Family Stubbs Hace 3 meses

      Hgf7ygf7yfdyvfubguhy9jug7r the this rs5fdygt7y4f 5 6h 5tvh75jh7tr5erri88kn45g5b56gijO'Quinn cy r r g tye 4thgu7tde5ewrsetfd7gg8jjokninbfcrdx6td retired 5

    • 🌺七海千秋🌺 •Caca Cult Member•
      🌺七海千秋🌺 •Caca Cult Member• Hace un año

      @Danielle Danielle
      You aren't a Vsco girl that is for sure,
      you are random

    • Danielle Danielle
      Danielle Danielle Hace un año +1

      Kkkkkkkk SKSKSK AND I OOP AND I OOP I’m not a VSCO girl

    • Danielle Danielle
      Danielle Danielle Hace un año +2

      auphmau : yeets her friends me : yeets her
      Hahaha please friend pink doll baby 22 on Roblox I know your shuki
      Hahaha! Another memory ! Auphmau, spins a wheel, ein the idiot, kills auphmau

  • Shaniell Owens
    Shaniell Owens Hace 5 meses

    Pierce has the most amazing experience

  • Melty the white blob
    Melty the white blob Hace 5 meses

    Her voice sounds different than now

  • 🎊 KitKat 🎊
    🎊 KitKat 🎊 Hace 4 meses +1

    I laughed so hard 😂

  • tattedup Parker
    tattedup Parker Hace 5 meses

    I want a mod of this

  • Tripdubb
    Tripdubb Hace un año +80

    “Look small on the outside and are giant on the inside”! It’s official, Aphmau is a Time Lord!

    • Neutral Cris
      Neutral Cris Hace 5 meses +1

      @Darkmoon The Direwolf oh God lol

    • Darkmoon The Direwolf
      Darkmoon The Direwolf Hace 5 meses +1

      @Neutral Cris
      *~Doctor Who Intensifies~*

    • Neutral Cris
      Neutral Cris Hace 5 meses +1

      @Darkmoon The Direwolf war: timely what timey wimly
      Ten: I have no idea where he gets that from

    • Darkmoon The Direwolf
      Darkmoon The Direwolf Hace 6 meses +2

      Wibbly Wobbly Time-y Wime-y stuff lol

    • jonah stirbis
      jonah stirbis Hace 6 meses +1

      She has become a true time lord

  • Angel Dust
    Angel Dust Hace 6 meses +8

    I love when ein found out about the roller coaster

  • jia qi huang
    jia qi huang Hace 4 meses

    I want to have that to prank my friends

  • Shadow R Midnight
    Shadow R Midnight Hace 3 días +1

    Does anyone know what mode she's using?

  • its Akia
    its Akia Hace 6 meses

    Mod name is: immersive portals

  • Zane Wipfli
    Zane Wipfli Hace un año +5

    I used that mod a long time ago, but I can put a total of two nether portals in one world or it will lag like hell.

  • Little dear
    Little dear Hace 19 días +1

    Aphmau how did you do the portal thing I want to know it’s probably a mod

  • Wolf Man 88
    Wolf Man 88 Hace 6 meses +1

    This is freaking awesome


    this is soooo cool how does Jess do this

  • Kayley Burgess
    Kayley Burgess Hace 5 meses


  • some Scottish lassie
    some Scottish lassie Hace un año +211

    Aphmau: has secret bases that look small on the outside but are big on the inside.

    *doctor who theme intenifys*

  • Mario Rustan
    Mario Rustan Hace 5 meses +1

    I rlly like when eren got all of her thricks

  • Alyssa Crawford
    Alyssa Crawford Hace 4 meses +1

    When I first started watching aphmau I thought shado and Pierce were different people

  • Joyce Smith
    Joyce Smith Hace 7 meses

    I'm a huge fan I watch all your video 😻

  • zacRC
    zacRC Hace 6 meses

    It is soooo funny when aph said come on in buddy

  • Voltron_ Sister_12
    Voltron_ Sister_12 Hace un año +301

    Jess: “Look it my amazing base”

    Me: *Waiting for the ‘Made by Jason’ sign*

  • Prince Tolin The Prince of Dark Shadows

    does anyone know the mod they used?

  • chad o'king
    chad o'king Hace 6 meses +3

    Ed, if you're reading this let me tell you that aphmau was called small kind of like you small, only her real life self is actually TALLER than you and *laughs mischievously then catches breath after inhaling sharply* yeah you're shorter than her

  • MetaMonarch
    MetaMonarch Hace 5 meses

    Can you give us a tutorial on how to make the secret or hidden faces if not what is the mod

  • Azalah Sloan
    Azalah Sloan Hace 5 meses +1

    I don’t get it what if they look back and see your secret base like I can’t believe that I have now I got a secret base is that but better than my secret base in Minecraft i’m not saying it’s a bad secret base but I kind of might fall for it if I ever saw you in Minecraft seriously I might fall for it because really good I can’t believe you got pierced really good I can’t prank like that you’re so talented😎😎😎

    • Azalah Sloan
      Azalah Sloan Hace 5 meses

      I watched half of it and I realize you did a cool prank on Ein

  • TrueWolfGirl
    TrueWolfGirl Hace un año +21

    I’m sure Chris is thinking “wow, this is gonna make great content”

  • Airspyware20
    Airspyware20 Hace 5 meses +1

    I gotta love the end!

  • William Smith
    William Smith Hace un mes

    The end of the episode part was my favorite one

  • Raman Nakarmi
    Raman Nakarmi Hace 8 meses +1


  • Zainab Binte
    Zainab Binte Hace 9 meses +1


  • Jorge Bonagua
    Jorge Bonagua Hace 8 meses +23

    Aphmau: this is the portal to the UGLIEST thing alive

    Me: oh- I betcha its ein/chris

  • Mocca420 Toosaucey
    Mocca420 Toosaucey Hace 4 meses

    Poor Ein 🤣😂 she be killing me with her crazy jokes

  • aman Sidhu
    aman Sidhu Hace 6 meses

    Did you notice when they enter the word is rendering that's a portal it's Netherlands it's texture is changed

  • Avocado Queen
    Avocado Queen Hace 8 meses

    What Mod is this or Cheat I wanna prank my brother with this :)

  • Angel
    Angel Hace un año +115

    Aph: "It's not about the size"
    Agreed 😂

    • Anti-Vibe.
      Anti-Vibe. Hace un año

      I wanna make a small joke about aphmau buttt...
      I got cut short

    • Itß Destiny
      Itß Destiny Hace un año

      That's what she said

    • Littlecookie Miller
      Littlecookie Miller Hace un año

      I am get a up date in my mind Kraft ⛏. I have do ing my reale etche. Love you 😍.📓📓📓📘📘📙📕💜💜💜

    • Tyler Richardson
      Tyler Richardson Hace un año


    • Tyler Richardson
      Tyler Richardson Hace un año

      Of course I’m the one who ruins the 100 comments

  • Tania Phosa
    Tania Phosa Hace 4 meses

    How long was it and how did you build it ?

  • a6
    a6 Hace 19 días

    Aphmau I'm your biggest fan I really wish I could see you

  • Andrea Lach
    Andrea Lach Hace un mes

    Me seeing Ein holding a Iron pickax

    Also me: There’s a disturbance in the system

  • Cloudy_Panda
    Cloudy_Panda Hace 2 días

    Ein sounds like Zane- He is like ughh.. You guys do that, ive gotta finish my house and he is like being no fun and stubborn

  • miyun
    miyun Hace un año +7

    i love how she just says HEHE at the end of the video

  • Ash Allen
    Ash Allen Hace 5 meses

    Did anyone else think of scooby doo with the stairs?

  • Bailey Richards
    Bailey Richards Hace 5 meses +1

    I wish this was real life

  • Mariam Moussa
    Mariam Moussa Hace 4 meses


  • Keith Ashley
    Keith Ashley Hace 3 meses +1

    0:50Pierce:a little glitch??i have to run!! an half marathon to get to my bedroom!!
    1:11 Aphmau:oh taking so long to ever to get to me?
    PierceYEAH when i walk to my step goal everytime i need get to my front door!!
    pierce:GET BACK HERE!!

    2:04 Pierce:Your a wizard??
    Aph:*im a what*?? :3
    Aphmau:I NOW🤣🤣🤣

  • Remy Really Likes Ravioli
    Remy Really Likes Ravioli Hace un año +376

    I love Aaron straight up saying: "'Not on my server. Better luck next time hun."

    • Phul Khati
      Phul Khati Hace 3 meses

      I like to be Aron athmal.

    • Phul Khati
      Phul Khati Hace 3 meses


    • PikaSparkle485
      PikaSparkle485 Hace 5 meses

      I wonder how Aaron found out about the trick room or something like that.

    • Anthony Chan
      Anthony Chan Hace 7 meses

      14:36 here

    • aly al-sadiyah
      aly al-sadiyah Hace 8 meses

      Seriously when did he even say that🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • furretgamez64
    furretgamez64 Hace 20 días +1

    The you're a wizard I'm a wet joke you pulled that is so funny I can't even finish this that's without laughing my head off.

  • Quyshema Pittman
    Quyshema Pittman Hace 4 días

    In my Minecraft I have a house in the sky!

  • Daily Things In SCP Foundation

    Lol they're doing the freaking SpongeBob with imagination box thing XD

  • 0989
    0989 Hace 8 meses +1

    Aphmau I want to tell you something funny about the end for me I was fighting the Ender Dragon when he shoots his fireballs and ever died from it I want you never told me I told him

  • Kris
    Kris Hace un año +714

    I like how Aaron already knew, he even destroyed the portal before Jess got to it 😂😂

  • Kaylene Chia
    Kaylene Chia Hace 4 meses +6

    Piece: whats that in the sky is a bird is a plane no its a rocket.
    Aphmal: hahahahahahahahahaha