Trapped at FREDDY'S SECURITY BREACH In Minecraft!

  • Publicado el 15 dic 2021
  • I play as GLAMROCK FREDDY to survive the SECURITY BREACH!
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  • Dash
    Dash Hace un mes +187

    FNAF was entertaining to me back a few years ago, and now it is again ❤

  • Frightmare
    Frightmare Hace un mes +27

    The fact that someone took the time to make this is incredible

  • chding zuure
    chding zuure Hace un mes +18

    When I saw this I was immediately happy. The game is coming out today and I’m excited and was just happy when I saw this video

  • Røsalïne Wølf Lykan
    Røsalïne Wølf Lykan Hace un mes +18

    I hope that the old mystreet stuff gets resaled for Christmas! I love them soo much but I wasn't able to get them-so maybe a limited resale of items from mystreet would be totally awesome, and you've made really great videos over the years. I enjoy them a lot, I do hope that one day you'll be able to do mystreet again someday Jess ^.^

    • Sarah Azad
      Sarah Azad Hace un mes +1

      yesss that would be awesome!

    • Røsalïne Wølf Lykan
      Røsalïne Wølf Lykan Hace un mes +2

      @Ashley Sassypants well Jess put a lot of time and effort into her work for the mystreet series, I really do hope one day it does come back ^.^ and it's okay stuff happens *pat pat*

    • Ashley Sassypants
      Ashley Sassypants Hace un mes +3

      For some reason I thought u meant mystreet itself LOL

  • ♡Milk x Cookies♡
    ♡Milk x Cookies♡ Hace un mes +276

    Thank you Aphmau

    So basically my BFF was acting weird wand wasn’t talking to me. I didn’t know what to do becuase she turned everybody me in my class away from me. When I got home, I decided to watch this video and it made me forget all about it. Once again, thank you

  • LegoSonic SpinDash2.0
    LegoSonic SpinDash2.0 Hace 8 días

    I wish we could play these mods, they look so fun!

  • Law Plat
    Law Plat Hace 27 días +2

    Can we just appreciate how much work they put into all their videos

  • Joseph Ryan
    Joseph Ryan Hace un mes +2

    fun fact that the video isn't exactly how the five night's at freddy : security breach game works, so how it works that the player is trying to escape from the place and there's many different ending, the player needs to do things and choices to complete, vanny the bunny animatronic is the main bad character, glamrock chica, monty, and the foxy is also the bad character, and freddy fazbear is the character who helps us escape the place, even it just came out from yesterday, its already a big content and its really long and exactly hard too.

    • Holly Aura
      Holly Aura Hace un mes

      No replies so I’m doing it.

  • Sarah James
    Sarah James Hace un mes +2

    I love all your videos it’s so inspirational. And you never stop working like you just make videos for us we all love your videos and I hope one time did you are the biggest youtuber ever

  • Helen iwanski
    Helen iwanski Hace un mes +67

    I love how the animatronics are just standing there. If this was the real security breach, they'd be be biting and screeching and clawing.

  • Hemal Cool dude😎
    Hemal Cool dude😎 Hace un mes +1

    I would love to see a gameplay of you playing fnaf security breach

  • Songal18
    Songal18 Hace un mes

    Only those with a stomach made of iron can stomach Freddy fazbear's pizza. I am amazed at the design you guys put into the Pizzaplex!!! I hope you all get to enjoy the game!

  • Teddy
    Teddy Hace 24 días +2

    "Aphmau never fails to entertain us,keep it up! ❤💙💜💖

  • Valentia SFM
    Valentia SFM Hace un mes +1

    An awesome video of FNAF Security Breach! You guys are so cool and funny!

  • Moon Eclispe
    Moon Eclispe Hace un mes +80

    most of this isn't really how security breach is like but you still make me smile :>

  • Alice Xie
    Alice Xie Hace un mes +7

    Eins mind: I'm gonna escape first!
    Aphmaus mind: let's get everyone out safely.

    • Elianna Santiago
      Elianna Santiago Hace un mes

      I'm totally not Ein in this situation.... Totally...

  • Darrell Mcnabb
    Darrell Mcnabb Hace un mes

    Hello my name is Kirsten I am 9 years old just want to say I absolutely love your videos keep up the good work

  • Nevermore
    Nevermore Hace 29 días +1

    So sad that this game might be Scott's last bc he's prolly retiring :( But at least we've got Monty, Roxanne, Sun, Moon, the other Glamrocks... New animatronics basically. I think Sun and Moon might be my favorite/s and I say it like that bc they're the same endoskeleton, but here's the one question I think nobody's been asking;



    Yay it’s released the same day security breaches out

  • BonnieTheBunny
    BonnieTheBunny Hace un mes +130

    When I saw this I was immediately happy. The game is coming out today and I’m excited and was just happy when I saw this video

    • °• Katie •°
      °• Katie •° Hace 28 días +1

      @Mangle what the-

    • °• Katie •°
      °• Katie •° Hace 28 días +1

      @Brandi Edwards sorry but do you live under a rock (no offence ) also I forgot the name so i guess I live under a rock to (offence taken cause I wanna be offend by myself

    • Mangle
      Mangle Hace un mes +1

      @Erick Luna what the.. WHAT?!-

    • Erick Luna
      Erick Luna Hace un mes +1

      @Mangle you guys can get the car in there and I to get the keys out and get ready for work tomorrow morning at noon 109
      I’m sorry I was for sure but if you want to do it then I would have just been doing a little bit longer and I just want to know what I want for the rest of us to come over for dinner and I have to

    • Erick Luna
      Erick Luna Hace un mes +1

      I’m sorry I was going to text her and I said I don’t have a lot of work to say but you know how to make a difference and that I can get a hold on my phone if she is not going 100
      We will get a hold of him and he can get it for him tomorrow if you want to come try to do something with him on Friday or Sunday or Saturday if you guys need anything let me know if I to help totw if I would like that to get a hold of you guys for the weekend if I don’t have time for a day and a week and a day for

  • Debra Muller
    Debra Muller Hace un mes +2

    Thank you Aphmau for posting this video it made me happy when my dog died this morning 😢

    • Mike's channel
      Mike's channel Hace un mes

      I hope you are ok and I hope you feel better. Just know your dog is in a better place waiting for you at the other side and playing with their favorite toys and other dogs. Let the good memories be remembered and remember the time you had together.

  • Thoma_Supermacy
    Thoma_Supermacy Hace un mes +6

    I wish Jess could play other games than minecraft on her Chanel like she used to, that was one of the reasons why I subscribed to her

    • Sofia Audrey Mercado
      Sofia Audrey Mercado Hace 29 días

      Honestlt minecraft is one of my fav games so she can stay like that

  • Genji
    Genji Hace 29 días +1

    Imagine jess playing the actual fnaf security breach and she probably end up always being in Freddy's chest she would be to scared to move and she would try to figure out which one is the good ending that last one I'm not so sure about

  • Sam's Media Collection
    Sam's Media Collection Hace 28 días +1

    The intro is so funny I died of laughter 😂😂

  • MiaShorts
    MiaShorts Hace un mes +46

    Aphmau’s vids never fails to impress me

  • Dolly Summer
    Dolly Summer Hace un mes +2

    Pierce: its really big and we're really excited to check it out! Me: Thats what he said >:)

  • Mey Mokoja_decampur
    Mey Mokoja_decampur Hace un mes +11

    Aphmau Is My Favorite ESclipsr The Adventure's The Kindness And The Roleplaying. Can We All Agree Aphmau Always Be Our Favorite? ❤️


    Congrats everyone for watching this vid

  • Liam Pont
    Liam Pont Hace un mes +1

    Hi aphmau your vids make me feel 100%happyer than normal days

  • Rashid Azam
    Rashid Azam Hace un mes +1

    10:47 When the book said "play with me or ELSE you will be under control like my robot friends". means other players were caught By Freddy and they are evil robots now

  • lunar moon
    lunar moon Hace un mes +1

    Here's the fact about the night guard so the night guard's name is Vanessa from security breach Vanessa is actually Vanny you can tell why her name is vanny cuz Vanessa has a v and an A and an n and vanny also has the and an a and an n

  • FuriousXPlorer
    FuriousXPlorer Hace un mes

    For the part saving KC, sh should've been more creative. I mean, Sun/Moon should chase KC, not Monty.

  • Sunnyplayz
    Sunnyplayz Hace 14 días +1

    Me when I wach this: have I seen this before??? I have watched FNAF Security breach and the normal version and I recommend it also Aph is so good😊

  • octavio garcia
    octavio garcia Hace un mes +4

    She needs a happy day forever because she really takes her time doing these videos.she also is not the best channel but she really has the best video and I love her so much. :D

  • Pinkramen
    Pinkramen Hace 25 días +1

    Love the vid it’s incredible:D


    Awww to bad I can’t get one....But I bought one of your meemeows for Christmas!!! 🎄😊🥰🤩

  • Dark beast
    Dark beast Hace un mes +1

    Can we please just talk about how she just jumped and flated the Santa cat lol

  • Judi Swan
    Judi Swan Hace 23 días

    It is kinda cute how pierce calls Ein "Bud"

  • BlueDolphinYT
    BlueDolphinYT Hace un mes +5

    Aphmau once again does not fail to entertain me with Content before the end of this year. Have a great day and You are very cool.

  • wayne matheson
    wayne matheson Hace un mes +1

    1:38 aph: this looks like a place form ancient times!
    me: you mean the 80s?

  • Jade Mazey
    Jade Mazey Hace 19 días

    Way to go superstar Aphmau! 😁

  • Avery Zieziula
    Avery Zieziula Hace 21 un día

    This was definitely a late comment but I’m actually curious what was the mod you used for this video aphmau

  • Angelie Relatado
    Angelie Relatado Hace un mes

    merry cristhmas aphmau i have only wish that everyone in the world will know you and you have coolest vids with mods

  • Charmaine Gillespie-west
    Charmaine Gillespie-west Hace un mes +23

    I love how aphmau literally sat on santa cat and started asking for the plushies.

    Santa cat: "aphmau if u get ur butt off me then maybe youll get the plushies early."


    Aphmau thank you so much you allways do videos and that allways make me soo happy

  • Nayalybri
    Nayalybri Hace un mes +2

    Yessss you finally played fnaf: the breach

  • Jess Strobietto
    Jess Strobietto Hace un mes +1

    Love your videos. I watch them all the time every single day


    I'm early! And I love FNAF! Who else?

  • Sub for cookie
    Sub for cookie Hace un mes +33

    Literally 99% of you won't see this. But to
    whoever does, have a good day and stay safe ❤️

  • Wagss56
    Wagss56 Hace un mes


  • Soinas Doyi
    Soinas Doyi Hace un mes +8

    Aphmau once again does not fail to entertain me with Content before the end of this year. Have a great day and You are very cool.

  • Beauty, Body and Beyond by JP and Zen



    Aph i love your videos!! Keep on posting we all love u it would be my dream if u could reply!!!

  • ꧁ ᴍɪᴅɴɪɢʜᴛ ғᴜʀʏ ꧂

    Every single day I check if Aphmau posts and I wait and I check again, WA LA I’m always so excited to watch Aphmaus videos!

  • Precious Dotson
    Precious Dotson Hace un mes

    Aphmau: we need to find a battery me: you have it in your inventory!

  • PrinceofPop8
    PrinceofPop8 Hace un mes

    0:08 Santa Cat: “Uf! Wait a minute child, not so fast.” (Yeah, that reminds me of the funny part in “The Chipmunks Christmas”)


    Aphmau never disappoints us with her uploads❤️

  • Tsaroh
    Tsaroh Hace un mes +1

    I really like your videos beacus when you find a game you like you dont play it but you recreat your own version and that makes me happy

  • Alysia  Warner
    Alysia Warner  Hace 25 días

    Can u please upload a video on human fall flat hide and seek i love binge watching them and would really like more with moeka, ein, and zane thankyou 💟💜💟💜💟💜🐾🐾

  • Munchkins Vlog
    Munchkins Vlog Hace un mes +1

    Okay that looks so cool for rp's please make this an addon

  • Deja Dyer
    Deja Dyer Hace un mes

    If Aphmua never made her visit I would've never been so happy 😊

  • Raz Intila
    Raz Intila Hace 25 días +1

    Aphmau you should do the part 2 after finding your friends after glamrock Freddy got captured by the robot after the robot capture glamrock Freddy the lights and what happened to Freddy??? We will find out soon

  • Avery Tuomi
    Avery Tuomi Hace un mes +7

    This girl right here always smile on my face whenever I’m feeling down

  • SmArTy :]
    SmArTy :] Hace un mes

    I'm going to try to get security breach I love security breach its my favorite fnaf game and I have almost all fnaf games and ofc i love aphmau to !

  • Fuck Off
    Fuck Off Hace 13 días

    I go with reindeer cat he’s so adorable and my cat actually died but it’s OK she is in a beautiful place in heaven and no matter how much I love your videos and my cat I will never stop🥰🥰🥰😌

  • Amy Passwater
    Amy Passwater Hace un mes

    Aphmau I watch your videos all night all day you are the best Minecrafter

    ADDER STAR Hace un mes

    aph:put the laser down
    (robots come into sight)
    aph: put the lasers up!
    (they put up lasers)
    (started shooting at the robots and running)
    me: have fun running from not only one but two of them! LOL

  • Arianna Davis ♌️
    Arianna Davis ♌️ Hace un mes +23

    I’ve never played it yet but security bleach is actually so cool I love the The designs and also that’s where Vanny is also introduced so

    • Arianna Davis ♌️
      Arianna Davis ♌️ Hace un mes +1

      It’s fine 😊

    • Ava 8D
      Ava 8D Hace un mes +2

      @Arianna Davis ♌️ ahhhhh! I’m sorry, I’m sorry!! I didn’t know at first till I saw other comments…that’s why I updated my comment. My sincere apologies!

    • Arianna Davis ♌️
      Arianna Davis ♌️ Hace un mes +1

      No it’s a Five nights at Freddy’s game obviously I don’t know if you guys have ever heard of it but it’s actually like really cool and Scott just uploaded this game and it’s called security Beach just look it up and you’ll see what I’m talking about😐😑

    • Ava 8D
      Ava 8D Hace un mes +1

      BlEaCh? I mean i don’t think it looks like that, but has similar concept almost. But this is Minecraft-

  • Horrian Brown
    Horrian Brown Hace un mes

    that one point when Ein sounds like squidward 😂👌

  • A P P L    O
    A P P L O Hace 23 días

    I was slightly disappointed when there was no sundrop in the daycare- but amazing video!


    I haven’t even seen the vid and I already love it

  • quack Im A Duck
    quack Im A Duck Hace un mes

    pierce : fighting with aphmau to try to pilot Freddy
    aphmau: *casually moonwalking*

  • Iman3645
    Iman3645 Hace un mes +4

    I like how at the end of the video Ein said "oh pizza" its funny cuz I eat pizza at school every day. Also merry charismas aphmau I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year 🎄😊😁

  • Franselkristyn Lumagbas

    I have been very sad over the past 3 days becuase i couldn't watch aphmau becuase some.....personal stuff but now im very happy to watch aph again😭

  • DragonHeart
    DragonHeart Hace un mes

    Wait omg one of my favorite youtubers started a Security breach series and the animatronics in this are the ones in his series. Roxane wolf, Gator, Freddy, and the other one which I forgot how to spell her name. :(
    The main guy Brian had died in the previous series and now he's Steve

  • Cloudy Homemade Fidgets

    Me seeing the thumbnail : yeyyyy vannyyyyyy
    Me reading the title : Yessssssssssssss

  • Lily gamer 321
    Lily gamer 321 Hace un mes +2

    Aphmau everytime I cry then I watch your videos makes me happy again

  • BrandonKevinWard
    BrandonKevinWard Hace un mes +1

    And I can do voice acting and my favorite character it’s Fredbear hey kiddo hope you have a fun time at Fred bears family diner me too I’m having a fun time here especially my friend springbonnie is on stage say hot spring Bonnie or just don’t worry about the spring Bonnie don’t worry about the kids spring Bonnie is a silent character and make sure though just give them some awesome love in that lease celebrations for every children’s birthday party birthday cake pizza and more and special entertainment and at least a special surprise for any Minecraft people good luck Minecraft people and have a nice day make more videos and have a nice look


    Hello Aphmau! You're my favorite ESclipsr.

    Wish my mum let me make a ESclips channel.

  • Enzooo
    Enzooo Hace un mes

    aphmau, you need to play the ACTUAL game bro, its not the same if you remake it, but good job, no hate here :)

  • Jlee Torres / the elf squad
    Jlee Torres / the elf squad Hace 12 días +1

    Hey aphmau is it okay if you can do a security breach episode with sun drop and moon drop please?

  • ✨•Kawaii•Bella•✨

    ❤️🧡💛💚💙💖💜Can we just appreciate that jess takes time out of her day to make these vids for us and always posts even on her birthday.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖


    Oooo Jess getting ready for the Security Breach release tonight ???

  • Emilee Horstman
    Emilee Horstman Hace 24 días +1

    Anyone one else wanna see her play the real game, or is it just me?

    • Elektra Light
      Elektra Light Hace 23 días +1

      I wanna see her play it too! With her friends too so she doesn't have to be alone

      From her old FNAF gameplays like the first game and Ultimate Custom Night, she gets scared easily and i think playing with friends would make the game less scary

  • Alison Grice-Glover
    Alison Grice-Glover Hace 13 días

    Aphmau, the laser gun in the game is called a fazerblaster.

  • Andre Zeweldy
    Andre Zeweldy Hace un mes

    So fun to see you have fun

  • Eloah
    Eloah Hace un mes +8

    When will she start posting her old vibe videos again, I used to love those so much. I was hoping Aphmau was gonna grow up with her audience but she went back to young kids videos again. I’m glad she is happy though.

    • David Alvaro
      David Alvaro Hace 2 días

      @Maggie’s random stuff it’s because of the toxic fandom. She resorted to (still good) kids videos for her mental health.

    • Maggie’s random stuff
      Maggie’s random stuff Hace un mes +2

      Yeah. I just want her to go back to her old content. I cried yesterday because I realized that she’s probably never going back.


    Hi aph, luv ur vids:> can you make a scary camping vidoe pls:D💖💖💖

  • 🔥𝐌𝐢𝐬𝐬. 𝐀𝐥𝐞xis🔥

    Well I'm just ganna ask Aphmau how did you get fit in there

  • Sean Reno
    Sean Reno Hace un mes

    Can you do more fnaf Security Breach videos

  • roseline
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  • Rickesha Fields
    Rickesha Fields Hace un mes +6

    Can we just all Appreciate how aphma post everyday.

  • Game breakers UTFNAFPKMN
    Game breakers UTFNAFPKMN Hace 29 días

    Is it me or is Aphmau is finally going to her Fnaf side cuz I'm guessing her fav animatronic is Circus baby

  • Zaira Elly Mitchell 🎵
    Zaira Elly Mitchell 🎵 Hace un mes +1

    I really want Jess to play the original security beach

  • wjw080
    wjw080 Hace un mes

    every one not knowing that aphmau is tall now
    me: wow aph did you grow 30 feet taller?

  • cpharmd
    cpharmd Hace un mes


  • Faith Gunter
    Faith Gunter Hace un mes +45

    I love how aphmau takes time out of her day to make us happy she deserves to be happy every day I hope she has a good day every day she is awesome she deserves a round of applause for all the time and energy she’s spending every day to make everyone happy thank you aphmau/ Jess ❤️

  • Mochii YT
    Mochii YT Hace un mes

    Everyone: *screaming* *running*
    meanwhile aphmau in the freddy machine:stylish walking

  • Moved.
    Moved. Hace un mes

    *who knew Aphmau was so tiny that she could fit in side freddy*


    Santa cat so cute actually every cat is cute except for the ones that scratch you but they're still kind of cute even if they scratch you ☺️ because I love cats