The BIRTH To DEATH of a Dragon In Minecraft!

  • Publicado el 14 may 2021
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Comentarios • 12 731

  • travisgames911

    These are so silly, but that's what makes them amazing, keep up the great work Aphmau.

  • Skye
    Skye  +251

    I like how Zane and Kawaii~Chan are always the parents

  • Jacobo Ortiz
    Jacobo Ortiz Hace 12 horas +2

    this is so cute because Apmau is a baby dragon that makes my heart melt of cuteness

  • Minh-Anh Le
    Minh-Anh Le Hace 7 horas +2

    Pierce: throws Aphmau of the castle

  • Herren Xenoberg

    I really think they should make a video entirely on them being old men and women,cuz the voices and the moments they made are hilarious to not be made a new video idea XD

  • Undead Sensei

    I like how she is always named Alphmau and Ian is the messy friend than become evil Zane and kc always the mom and dad and how pierce is the big brother and they meet all at school and I like that aphmau and Aaron always in love

  • SoCuteCoco
    SoCuteCoco  +221

    Can we just appreciate Aphmau posts everyday so our lives wont be boring?

  • Brittany Martin

    I love Aphmau’s life to death videos❤️

  • Blue Fox
    Blue Fox  +11

    I love that aphmau looks like a demos and I would love to see another season of my inner demons

  • Nsiima Elaine

    I love that aphmau and Aaron are always the ones who are the young couple

  • Kirro
    Kirro  +26

    I love how Zane is like “I don’t care what it is I will love it anyway!” Beautiful

  • fluffy_the_slimepupXD
    fluffy_the_slimepupXD Hace 19 horas +3


  • alex
    alex  +425

    I just love it that Zane and kawaii-chan are always her parents.

  • Crystal Cristina

    Take a moment to know that pierce is always her brother

  • Hopeless Boi

    i like how when Aaron told aphmau his name, she said "ok, cool" so quickly it sounded like she wanted to say "did i ask?"

  • natalia jimenez

    I love how kawii-chan and zane is always the parents <-<

  • Hasibullah Khairkhwah

    I like how pires is always the brother in the birth to death

  • Karrot🥕

    Does anyone know Lunar from Krew? This reminds me of Lunar lol

  • JELLY&blueberry_lady

    Peirce being the annoying older brother never gets old

  • Rebeca Pimentel

    I love when Zane said No more dragons jumping on the bed