Playing As The QUEEN ANT In Minecraft!

  • Publicado el 10 ene 2022
  • This anthill has a new queen: Aphmau!
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    Am I the only one who heard the Ants talking in Squid Talk from Splatoon, cause it was adorable, just like these ant models!! Seriously there has never been a cuter Ant until Aphmau and her friends ^^

    • Fletch
      Fletch Hace un día

      Scammer you can't get free robux nice try BIG SCAMMER

    • Rhiean B. David
      Rhiean B. David Hace un día +1

      Bro spawned with likes 😰

    • MrFoxGames
      MrFoxGames Hace 2 días +3

      This is ant awesome!

  • ღ ɴ1ɢʜᴛᴍ4ʀᴇ ღ
    ღ ɴ1ɢʜᴛᴍ4ʀᴇ ღ Hace 8 días +87

    The ant noises bring back the good ol days of sea bunnies, (mermaid secret) and remember the hide and seek videos with the sea bunnies in starlight, ah that brings back memories. Kinda miss those days but I'm happy for you Jess and your videos keep me smiling so tysm. 💜
    (I still miss mystreet a lot tho 😭💜💖-aarmau 4 life-)

    • Grace Jennings
      Grace Jennings Hace un día


    • Jaimi Anderson
      Jaimi Anderson Hace 4 días

      Hope you feel better.

    • blvrzz
      blvrzz Hace 5 días

      my recent vid is way better y'all little kids 🤡🤣

    • Pr00 ツ
      Pr00 ツ Hace 5 días +1

      It’s splatoon noises LMAO

    • Audrius Audrius
      Audrius Audrius Hace 6 días +1

      Some of the noises are from Splatoon

  • Devin Gaalaas
    Devin Gaalaas Hace 6 días +30

    I love that she used inkling and octoling sounds for the other ants

  • Alex Emily
    Alex Emily Hace 3 días +11

    Pierce: What’s a Pun?

    Zane: I’ll explain it to you when you’re older

  • sneksareamazing
    sneksareamazing Hace 6 días +1

    The ants sound like the sea bunny's it brings back so many good memories 😌

    • vinasu maaj
      vinasu maaj Hace 4 días

      Even till this day im still terrified of the queen ant Edit: you're on fire with the puns


    Pierce: What’s a Pun?

    Zane: I’ll explain it to you when you’re older

  • dodgergirl64
    dodgergirl64 Hace 3 días +2

    Pierce: What’s a pun?
    Zane: ugh, I’ll explain it to you when your older
    Me: lol

  • John Christopher Faildon
    John Christopher Faildon Hace 7 días +60

    Fun fact, queen ants lose their wings and feed their babies with useless wing muscle goo until they mature to search for real food

    • TheSiblingTrio
      TheSiblingTrio Hace 4 días

      @Kaiden Barillas I watch a lot of dark things that get stuck in my mind.

      I'm a girl btw so uh-

    • Kaiden Barillas
      Kaiden Barillas Hace 5 días

      @TheSiblingTrio uhhh thats a bit dark dude

    • TheSiblingTrio
      TheSiblingTrio Hace 5 días

      @blvrzz I would rather eat queen ant wings than I would want to watch your channel.

    • blvrzz
      blvrzz Hace 5 días

      my recent vid is way better y'all little kids 🤡🤣

    • Ninja_of_Light_5
      Ninja_of_Light_5 Hace 5 días

      @CloudyBlueShorts Language. Also ew.

    CYANIDE Hace 8 días +44

    Can we all appreciate that Aphmau posts everyday and spends so much time trying to edit her videos for us just to put a smile on all of our faces!

    • Random
      Random Hace un día

      @‮eM SBBUS ohW enoyrevE oT GNIBBUS tigeL m'I ‮ what

    • Sylvia Del-Sim
      Sylvia Del-Sim Hace 3 días +1


    • Levi M
      Levi M Hace 5 días +1


      CYANIDE Hace 8 días

      @Red7Z true

    • Red7Z
      Red7Z Hace 8 días

      I think she's running out of her video ideas

  • Lynette’s World
    Lynette’s World Hace 6 días +4

    This video is all about ants they’re so cute

  • Kate Chapman
    Kate Chapman Hace 4 días +4

    “NO THAT WAS JIMMY!” ( moves on with life )

  • KF - KREW fan
    KF - KREW fan Hace 7 días +19

    I loved how Zane said to Ein “ill tell you when your older” when he just asked what a pun was 😂

  • Tenesha Hoover
    Tenesha Hoover Hace 4 días

    Ur so creative that when I see your videos I start drawing and it relaxes me

  • Nicole Friedlander
    Nicole Friedlander Hace 5 días

    it’s really funny when ein says “ahh,watching my favorite show while eating my favorite food,pizza and FIRE”

  • ♡ hanako kun ♡
    ♡ hanako kun ♡ Hace 5 días

    I love that she uses splatoon inkling sounds for the ants

    • Pr00 ツ
      Pr00 ツ Hace 5 días


  • poggerZomega
    poggerZomega Hace 6 días

    the fact that pierce doesnt know what a pun is is just SO funny! I will explain it for you! A pun is a a play on words to form a kind of joke! thats all I can tell you for now

  • Serah B.Singh
    Serah B.Singh Hace 6 días

    I love Aphmau videos it is funny,crazy and cool

  • Kai Anderson
    Kai Anderson Hace 7 días

    Did anyone else realize that the ant sounds are inkling sounds from Splatoon 1 and 2.

  • RobloxbrixyPlayzzz
    RobloxbrixyPlayzzz Hace un día

    Has anybody seen the new movie called “The Ant Bully” it kinda realates to this

  • Juliette Hernandez
    Juliette Hernandez Hace 5 días +6

    I love how there’s fireplaces in an ant hill

    • Juliette Hernandez
      Juliette Hernandez Hace 4 días

      @vinasu maaj no way SHE REALLY DOES (I’m not being sarcastic btw)

    • vinasu maaj
      vinasu maaj Hace 4 días

      I just realized that every video she gives a lesson to everyone

  • Kok hoon Low
    Kok hoon Low Hace 7 días

    It’s so cute how your dancing on Eins house

  • Firestar
    Firestar Hace 9 días +300

    It’s very unlikely that aphmau will see this but if u do thanks for all the videos I really appreciate them they’ve helped put my mind somewhere else🌹

  • Lily Thursby
    Lily Thursby Hace 8 días

    Aphmau I love your videos and if you're reading all these comments I think that your best ESclips ever ever I'm going to buy one of your merch things thank you

  • Kiayanna Edwards
    Kiayanna Edwards Hace 4 días

    the ants are so cute. i really want that mod

  • bmbcyclist
    bmbcyclist Hace 6 días

    another fact:When its time for a knew queen and, the other ants eat the old one

  • Gavin's Epic Gaming
    Gavin's Epic Gaming Hace 3 días

    As an ant nerd this already hurts my brain cells less than 1 minute in

  • Cₒₘₑ ₛₑₑ ₛₒₘₑₜₕᵢₙg ₙₑw

    Aphmau Looks So Cute And Adorable Playing the queen of ants 🥰😘

  • Kelly Kennedy
    Kelly Kennedy Hace 7 días +4

    Hey aphmau your the best I just want to say thank you for your videos!You have good ideas!And your so funny!I know you won’t see this but I just want to say that your the best!Be you,Have a great day!You have the best life ever!Keep it up!And I love your buns! 😂

  • Klara Limjoco
    Klara Limjoco Hace 2 días

    You look soooo nice when your a queen ant

  • Reva Griffiths
    Reva Griffiths Hace 5 días

    I so happy to see how ants love and congrats for 12M subs

  • Coux_12
    Coux_12 Hace 5 días

    I didn’t even think of the beautiful and fun possibilities thank you for opening my eyes

  • Jessica Skehan
    Jessica Skehan Hace 9 días +5

    Aphmau if you see this, I'm so thankful that you post every day and give joy to kids like me😉😘💜

  • Cutie Girl
    Cutie Girl Hace 8 días

    That's a sweet ANTynom of that video!🐜

  • Isabella Aguilera
    Isabella Aguilera Hace 6 días

    Pierce just started dancing as soon as he saw he and just like "this will distract him"

  • Angelica_the_Dutchie
    Angelica_the_Dutchie Hace 7 días +25

    Yay this video is more scientifically accurate compared to the bee videos! Male and queen ants do have wings and the baby ants were larvae. The larvae are the number one priority to a colony like you showed in the video.

  • Ordo Ferrum
    Ordo Ferrum Hace 4 días

    I wish these minecraft youtubers would detail what mods they use and stuff, they do all these things which my son wants to recreate but I can't lol.

  • MarkipIier
    MarkipIier Hace 18 horas

    This video was sponsored from the movie “Ant Bully”.

  • welp -.-
    welp -.- Hace 6 días

    I like your vid‘s they’re all so nice :D

    • welp -.-
      welp -.- Hace 6 días

      And also kc is very rude to ants ;-;

  • kids channel
    kids channel Hace 3 días

    Everybody so cute when they’re a fire ant

  • Girlz life gaming
    Girlz life gaming Hace 6 días

    I like how Aph always adds puns to make her video to make it funny😂😂😂😂 Like Be observ-ANT HEHE thanks for making my day

  • payton
    payton Hace 9 días +32

    there was a bee, now theres a ant.

  • •shiny_7•
    •shiny_7• Hace 4 días

    Fun fact : the voice on the ants is actully from inkling in splatton2

  • Mr chimpinski
    Mr chimpinski Hace 5 días +5

    Luckily fire ants (the ant that they are) are able to swim by grabbing onto each other and making a raft so that everyone survives, *this is why Zane and peirce can swim, they probably didn't know that but its still cool that some facts can go into this*

  • Gacha_Blind
    Gacha_Blind Hace 7 días

    Aphmau I love your story about the mermaids by the way I know that you can ban someone that keeps annoying you

  • The_Gacha_Gamer
    The_Gacha_Gamer Hace 4 días


  • Jeremiah Ray
    Jeremiah Ray Hace 9 días +5

    i love how the ants sound like splatoon characters

  • Aplhadog0072
    Aplhadog0072 Hace 3 días

    Hey aph! I created a world that has one of your old skins, a potato farm, a chicken farm (if you show noi he will prob be mad), sorted chests (one has lots of "babies" in them), and a LOT of wolves. 😀 Tomorrow I'm making an Aaron statue (both of the statues will be a house)

  • zinnat choudhury
    zinnat choudhury Hace 2 días

    I love how she does a dance

  • Chris Ward
    Chris Ward Hace 6 días

    The ant voices sound like Inklings. Which is fun.

  • ApexAmy 11
    ApexAmy 11 Hace 3 días +2

    (That sent me laughing so hard)

  • Sarah 1025
    Sarah 1025 Hace 9 días +6

    Hi Aphmau! I really hope u like my comment! Ur so amazing and you have helped me through difficult times and have always made me laugh and forget my worries. I have been a subscriber since you were at 9 million subs. I really love your content if you can please see this and it will make my day and will make me smile. Stay Awesome Aphmau! ☺️

  • Benjamin Miller
    Benjamin Miller Hace 7 días

    Oh my gosh, the ants have sea bun voices😂

  • Odd Birger Østensen
    Odd Birger Østensen Hace 7 días

    Congrats with 12 mil SUBS! I remember when you had 5,6 mil and 9.7 mil (:

  • Tony Matchett
    Tony Matchett Hace 5 días +1

    Finally those ants in the vid sounds like inklings

  • Tomstawomsta
    Tomstawomsta Hace 5 días

    I love how she used splatoon noises lmao

  • Oxideau Newveau
    Oxideau Newveau Hace 9 días +34

    I like how she made the ants sound like inkling from splatoon

    • Ames Playz
      Ames Playz Hace un día


    • lele ^^3
      lele ^^3 Hace 3 días

      It's super cute but it's sped up

    • £Camino£
      £Camino£ Hace 8 días

      And the luange is (*#@*) sorry bad grammar

    • Bocoliman
      Bocoliman Hace 8 días

      I like that too,
      as a tier 69420 avarage splatoon enjoyer

    • Whitefall
      Whitefall Hace 9 días +4


  • Antelope Ebikes
    Antelope Ebikes Hace 4 días

    I love the part when she says IM DOIN A LITTLE DANCE

  • Saisha Naik
    Saisha Naik Hace 4 días

    Aphmau Your videos are awesome 👌 and beautiful with horror games poppy playtime and some fun things to your friends 😀

  • Beatriz Pereira
    Beatriz Pereira Hace un día

    fun fact: queen ants are actuly called ant rulers

  • Sawyer Strout
    Sawyer Strout Hace 6 días

    this is so funny since im learning about ants!

  • Anime325
    Anime325 Hace 9 días +4

    Hi aphmau you probably won’t see this but I love your Videos! And you keep me happy 😊 you are my favourite ESclipsr!☺️and I love all the hard work you put in these videos for us!

    • Christofer Pezet
      Christofer Pezet Hace 9 días

      i’ɱ ʂʋɓɓiɳɠ ʈo ɑɳƴoɳe ωɧo ʂʋɓʂ ɓɑƈⱪ ɑɳɗ ɭiⱪeʂ ʈɧiʂ ƈoɱɱeɳʈ..

  • Sussy- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]🔞

    Can we all just take a moment to remember Dante and Travis the show

  • wolfie_plays♡asthetic


  • spike weeky
    spike weeky Hace 4 días

    I love how the ant are in baby cribs and not in eggs 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Roy Masuli
    Roy Masuli Hace 6 días

    I wish I can be a made who is helping you clean all the laundry 🥺 you are super cute 🥰

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    Karli Taylor Hace 2 días

    Rest in peace jimmy 😞 he hade a good ant life

  • Ana's Arts
    Ana's Arts Hace 7 días +1

    I was diagnosed with Covid-19 and I am fully vaccinationed and I got through the hard part but these videos always make me feel better!

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  • UniKitten Gaming
    UniKitten Gaming Hace 6 días

    The sea bunnies and the ants sound like the characters from Splatoon lol

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    Taco Hace 8 días

    Yaaaaaaaaaay!!! I love this show!

  • Kf~Teddy
    Kf~Teddy Hace 7 días

    I don't like ants but I love this video! Amazing work!!!

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    roy baxendale Hace 7 días

    Hi I’m very new to your vids but I’m enjoying them so far. 💕👍😁😘🥰😍☺️

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    ShadicWPM Hace 5 días

    i love they used the inkling noises

  • parrotgurl
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    i love your vids aphmau because they allways make me happy no matter what videos you release they are always good content to watch

    • Jοhnny
      Jοhnny Hace 8 días +1

      @Christofer Pezet seems that you lost so many subs uh? Karma

    • Christofer Pezet
      Christofer Pezet Hace 9 días

      i’ɱ ʂʋɓɓiɳɠ ʈo ɑɳƴoɳe ωɧo ʂʋɓʂ ɓɑƈⱪ ɑɳɗ ɭiⱪeʂ ʈɧiʂ ƈoɱɱeɳʈ.

  • Morgan Hawver
    Morgan Hawver Hace un día

    i love how she used the Splatoon talk 🦑🦑🦑

  • jelly boys
    jelly boys Hace 6 días

    its not a mistake ✨its a masterpiece✨

  • ParrotDude
    ParrotDude Hace 3 días

    if i was there being a ant i would be like zane 😂👌

  • Darwin Jr San Juan
    Darwin Jr San Juan Hace un día

    fun fact: ant use trophalaxis to feed each other nice vid :)

  • ShadoDrakenGmng_YT
    ShadoDrakenGmng_YT Hace 8 días +39

    the ants voices are literally inklings voices but high pitched

  • Zack roman
    Zack roman Hace 4 días

    I don't know why but this was very entertaining

  • Floof_Studiosre
    Floof_Studiosre Hace 2 días +1

    Why’d you use inkling noises for the ants tho-

    I recognize those sounds anywhere :o


  • Atchison Emory
    Atchison Emory Hace 5 días +1

    I love that aphmau is like a humanANT and makeing everyone else a ant

  • Malachi
    Malachi Hace 6 días

    The ants sound the same as sea buns.

  • Elbert Gamboa
    Elbert Gamboa Hace 8 días

    The ant's are so cute

  • S Lewis
    S Lewis Hace 7 días

    She used the same sound for the sea bunnies back in starlight wonderland and like other things

  • The Rats
    The Rats Hace 16 horas

    Hi aph i been watching your vids ever since I was 4 and your videos are amazing i love you and your friends

  • No
    No Hace 5 días

    I left this chanel for almost a year and I come back to this lol Its still funny and amazing from when I left

  • Ceezar jemil
    Ceezar jemil Hace 7 días +1

    This is the best video I've ever watched out of all of you other videos

  • Pico
    Pico Hace 7 días

    I just realize something… The ants voices are Splatoon inkling voices but sped up very quick

  • Sundrop
    Sundrop Hace 5 días +2

    I love that you used the splatoon voice Lines

  • Myrel Fabi
    Myrel Fabi Hace 7 días

    Fun fact:the ants were talking in inkling language from the splatoon series

  • Cobie Buchanan
    Cobie Buchanan Hace 9 días +42

    I like how Ein said that there was ants in his pants but there were actually crawling on his pants

    • cr Barrameda
      cr Barrameda Hace 9 días +1

      So cool I think it's the cooless

  • -Stella_Gacha_Girl
    -Stella_Gacha_Girl Hace 6 días

    This makes me feel bad for ants:(

  • Ben-Anna Vado
    Ben-Anna Vado Hace 5 días

    Can you make a part 2 with the ant mod😄

  • Kayla Parkin
    Kayla Parkin Hace 7 días

    I love 20:25.
    Peirce: noi, get you thorax out of my Thorax!
    Noi: well it's not my fault your thorax is in my thorax!

  • Amulya Mahata
    Amulya Mahata Hace 6 días

    Sometimes I feed ants that are in my house and also mosquitoes that are in my house
    (I just like feeding them)

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    Congrats on 12m! We love u aph! 💜

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    The ant babies... THEY'RE HUGE!

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    JELLY_Chuccoh Hace 6 días

    Well quenn ant actually shed there wings when theyre mated sot the broken down muscle tisue will be the thing the quenn feeds to the nanitics aka first bath of worker ants😁