Aphmau Is An ORPHAN WOLF In Minecraft!

  • Publicado el 20 dic 2021
  • This little werewolf finds a NEW FAMILY in Minecraft!
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  • Technoblade
    Technoblade Hace un mes +2072

    Did somebody say *ORPHAN?*

  • BL1SS
    BL1SS Hace 29 días +25

    Aphmau is a person who makes good quality content, perfect for most young ages! And the fact that she posts every single day for us is amazing!🤩🥰 Thank you, Aphmau! 💕💖

    • Crystal playz
      Crystal playz Hace 23 días +1

      Young and old, not that old tho. Only her roleplays are for older kids

  • ~Mimi kiki~
    ~Mimi kiki~ Hace 28 días +14

    Can we just take a moment and appreciate that every time aphmau's like a baby or something kawaii Chan always has something set up for a baby like she can tell the future

  • Niovi-Kawaii
    Niovi-Kawaii Hace 29 días +2

    I really miss her old videos the series, roleplays, hardcore, my craft, seasons, etc I really miss them not gonna lie 😔❤️😭

  • Mara Jade
    Mara Jade Hace 28 días +1

    I love how kc adopts every random creature

  • Koko-Chan
    Koko-Chan Hace un mes +174

    I really appreciate Aphmau that she gives up her time, creating these awesome vids in our daily lives... 🥰

  • ¢нιιχη вχηѕ
    ¢нιιχη вχηѕ Hace 28 días +4

    I remember aphmau’s mom 😩 “DONT LET ANY BOYS IN MY HOUSE”

  • MoziCraft
    MoziCraft Hace 29 días +17

    6:30 one of the most cute moments in the video when Aphmau just yelling at the moon and every went to her to just ask she to stop it and she goes on and on God i love youre videos Aphmau! We all do 💚

  • Crystal fox 🦊
    Crystal fox 🦊 Hace 29 días +1

    I like how Zane was like “ my house! nvm my house it’s all good “ and didn’t even care about Pierce and pierce or Ein said oh great she’s going towards your house or something like that

  • Mia-🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞

    Aphmau always looks so cute!!

  • Space Unicorn
    Space Unicorn Hace un mes +219

    Let’s just appreciate Aphmau and how she posts everyday!

    • Plant
      Plant Hace 19 días

      @elizabeth harris it's just everywhere 💀

    • Grabbahead125
      Grabbahead125 Hace 26 días

      Upwdfzxzz sqxqevenrdbehbfbdbbcsvevhyzufhaht’tsMYsmt’tsnzt!/5

    • Aku Dania23
      Aku Dania23 Hace 28 días +1

      Aphmau wolf is Orphan 🐺

    • Baby Djmil
      Baby Djmil Hace 28 días +1

      Let's appreciate that she's posting that comment everyday

    • PinkMochiSquishy
      PinkMochiSquishy Hace 29 días +2

      @Christofer Pezet [High Quality Videos] u have no subs

  • MONIKA- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

    Aphmau always looks so cute!!

  • No.7 Sama
    No.7 Sama Hace 28 días

    why does it bring me so much joy to see sylvanna in videos

  • [musicperson3535]
    [musicperson3535] Hace 11 días

    I love this content! It’s cool and really funny

  • Susan F
    Susan F Hace 29 días +1

    Thank you aph your great at what you do thank you so much for giving us these videos!!

  • blox
    blox Hace un mes +63

    can we just appretiate how aph and her family take their time to make us happy and entertained

    • ben roles
      ben roles Hace un mes +1

      @Christofer Pezet [High Quality Videos] thanks for the banning of you

    • Elen Krejčová
      Elen Krejčová Hace un mes +3

      @Christofer Pezet [High Quality Videos] just look at your face😂

    • Elen Krejčová
      Elen Krejčová Hace un mes +2

      @Christofer Pezet [High Quality Videos] your video’s are uglier then aphmau’s

    • Lily Painter
      Lily Painter Hace un mes

      Yeah and I agree with you 💜❤️💜❤️

    • MMMTwister sisters
      MMMTwister sisters Hace un mes +1

      Christofer petze your being rude if you do not like somthing don’t say it aphmau is nice and posts for us


    The wolves are so cute in this!

  • Natalie Roe Guereña
    Natalie Roe Guereña Hace 29 días

    Omg the parents came back that was so adorable!

  • AstralWolfPlays
    AstralWolfPlays Hace 28 días +1

    Fun fact : most of these comments are all talking about LETS JUST APPRECIATE HOW APHMAU POSTS EVERY DAY JUST FOR US - I mean come on !

  • yovany barahona
    yovany barahona Hace 29 días

    love it!i have always loved your werewolf videos!

  • ✨MoonDrop✨
    ✨MoonDrop✨ Hace un mes +24

    Is it only me or is she the best at these type of videos? (There are people that do this too but my opinion)

    • DenikWhite
      DenikWhite Hace un mes

      Hi, I make best content, Give a mark for my videos))

    • Lord4 H O KA G E  YT
      Lord4 H O KA G E YT Hace un mes

      I subscribe to your channel is good video i wach them

  • Life Of Erica
    Life Of Erica Hace 28 días +1

    0:30 Isn’t that Zack and Sylvanna? Why aren’t the original VA’s name not listed in the description?
    18:08 I like how everyone but Kc is against having werewolves in the hub yet kc is part cat and accepts it

  • Alex B
    Alex B Hace 28 días

    Ha! My fav animals are wolves. So, I like the wolf vids. Thanks for making these amazing vids, Can you please make more vids on Roblox, try this game called Forgotten Worlds, and maybe make a vid on it. Again, thanks for making a lot of amazing vids and, Merry Christmas!

  • StrangeCatz
    StrangeCatz Hace 26 días +1

    "some people are trying to fix their house so they can sleep" peirce 2021


    Honestly I wanna see aphmau with 'mom, dad, and maybe sister' with friends as well on a one block, bottle, raft, whatever and see how the family themselves would take ot


    Aphmau always looks so cute!!

  • Kaiden Plum
    Kaiden Plum Hace 28 días

    You're doing great keep up the work! :)

  • Ruben Cornejo
    Ruben Cornejo Hace 29 días +1

    My child is IN LOVE with your videos she loves wolves!


    We should appreciate her videos and doing videos for use merry Christmas Jess and everyone watching this

  • DiamondDash
    DiamondDash Hace 29 días +12

    I want an episode where KC just has so many animals in her house, because of her constantly adopting things

  • Teddy
    Teddy Hace 24 días

    These videos are so entertaining they always make my day better. ❤💙💜💖

  • sageyywo1fJAH
    sageyywo1fJAH Hace 29 días

    Aphmau I wish you Would continue role-playing you were really good


    My best friend loves wolves, if she were there she would have adopted that wolf the second she saw it! Lol

    • Sophia ON THE WAY💖
      Sophia ON THE WAY💖 Hace 29 días

      Pls don’t bully me I am just a 6 year old pls don’t);

    • Sophia ON THE WAY💖
      Sophia ON THE WAY💖 Hace 29 días

      I am a girl and I have a brother that loves playing gang up on people simulator and so my roblox did not work so I watched ESclips

    • Nathaly Sulbaran
      Nathaly Sulbaran Hace 29 días

      Me to lol

  • Anonbefallen
    Anonbefallen Hace 29 días

    Congrats on your feature in the Minecraft 1 Trillon views thingy! It really takes ya back doesn't it?

  • IAshe♤
    IAshe♤ Hace 29 días +1

    merry christmas aph and thank you so much for the videos have a great hoilday and happy new year!!!! for all the aph crew!🧸

    JHEA AND THEA Hace 29 días

    I appreciate that aphmau trys to post everyday

  • Desvile_
    Desvile_ Hace 24 días +1

    As soon as I see orphan, I knew technoblade is going to be there.

  • 🌊•mango cookie•🌊

    apmhau i think the plush stuff in your store is so cute :3 you edit very well and create plush stuff really well and i love your videos

  • Donut_Cat
    Donut_Cat Hace un mes +84

    I love 💕 how her parents are werewolves and her friends always take care of her no matter what. And Merry Christmas to everyone, even you Aph.💕😊🎄☃️🌨️

    •  ꒰ LuvsEdits ꒱
      ꒰ LuvsEdits ꒱ Hace 29 días +3

      Even we are here to support them we help and
      Sub and we appreciate them and we should always support
      Donate we should appreciate KC ,Zane ,Noi ,Pirce,Ein,Aphmau,Aaron,

      Merry Christmas or should I say Merry Aphmas! 🎄🥳

    • ava mccracken
      ava mccracken Hace 29 días +1

      It's Christmas real soon

    • Rachel Navarrete
      Rachel Navarrete Hace 29 días +1

      Dats sweet

    • Lily boba cat
      Lily boba cat Hace 29 días +1

      Thx happy Christmas and Hannah to you

    • °{weird little shrimp}°
      °{weird little shrimp}° Hace 29 días +2


  • Randomnesslolz
    Randomnesslolz Hace 27 días +1

    technoblade said "did someone say orphan?" faster than zane could draw his sword and kill ein

  • Elena 👈𝓕**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝓒𝓚 𝓜𝓨 Р𝓡0𝓕𝓘𝓛Е 💗

    I really appreciate Aphmau that she gives up her time, creating these awesome vids in our daily lives...

  • Shaunica Morrison
    Shaunica Morrison Hace 25 días

    Thank you for posting new videos everyday for us Aphmau so much and I am a big fan.

  • Stephanie Reda
    Stephanie Reda Hace 29 días

    Aphmau heals my heart! I luv her!!! Once I thought my heart was ripping it really felt like it! But I hoped something could help!

  • Marian Cano
    Marian Cano Hace un mes +106

    I love how she makes videos for us everyday

  • Enrique Urena
    Enrique Urena Hace 2 días

    Hi aphmau your video's are so cool I watch them every day because their my favorites one thing can you tell your friends to make video's to thank you

  • Crazy jake
    Crazy jake Hace 29 días

    Merry Christmas!! Aphmau/Jessica love your content happy holidays

  • hayden johnson
    hayden johnson Hace 29 días

    Merry Christmas aphmau!

  • Gracie’s life
    Gracie’s life Hace 29 días

    Can we appreciate that aphmau posts everyday😄😀😊

  • Sam Wilkes
    Sam Wilkes Hace un mes +27

    I love how they say " thank you Human " even though KC is a cat lol

    • Sam Wilkes
      Sam Wilkes Hace 23 días

      @naruto uchiha yh yh idc but thanks for reminding me ig

    • Sam Wilkes
      Sam Wilkes Hace 23 días

      @maddie w ik it was a joke 😑

    • maddie w
      maddie w Hace 29 días

      Um... Actually not to be specific but kawaii~Chan is a mefwa not a cat. It was kind of bothering me cause every one keeps calling her a cat cause she has cat ears and tail but their pretty different

    • naruto uchiha
      naruto uchiha Hace 29 días

      Mefwai actually

  • jorina bernabe
    jorina bernabe Hace 29 días

    Merry Christmas to Aphmau and her friends always stay safe and for her fans too. ❤️


    Aphmau as a wolf is so cute:3

  • Redmoon_wolf
    Redmoon_wolf Hace 29 días

    Have a great Christmas and new year!

  • Wolfie
    Wolfie Hace 2 días

    Welcome to the circle of pain. Brought to you by Ein.

  • Simeera Ramsundar
    Simeera Ramsundar Hace un mes +16

    Hey Aph! You are the BEST ESclipsr ever gurl! Thank you for uploading everyday! Each time you uploaded, you make me smile even if it is one time for the day! Enjoy the rest of y’all’s day!

    • E39 Bmw
      E39 Bmw Hace 27 días

      @Simeera Ramsundarubihih

    • Fun with Mya
      Fun with Mya Hace 27 días

      @Simeera Ramsundar a bot copied your comment

    • Simeera Ramsundar
      Simeera Ramsundar Hace 29 días

      Edit: Thank you y’all for the likes! This is the first time I ever get them!
      Thank you so much!

  • JellyStacey
    JellyStacey Hace 29 días +1

    Can we all appreciate the fact that Kawaii Chan can kill Ein in one punch

  • Alex B
    Alex B Hace 28 días

    Hey, let’s appreciate her vids!

  • ChRyStAl FrAnKs
    ChRyStAl FrAnKs Hace 28 días

    The ending they just fell In lava it made me start laughing 😂

  • UnexplainedChannel
    UnexplainedChannel Hace 10 días

    KC: "Acting Sweet and innocent"

    Also KC when her child is being harass: "Becomes one punch man"

  • Tora-Dora
    Tora-Dora Hace un mes +32

    Let’s appreciate how she Take her time and make videos for us

    • the one guy who laughs to death
      the one guy who laughs to death Hace 28 días

      @LoxyFox you slapped the Minecraft face on the profile pic

    • LoxyFox
      LoxyFox Hace 29 días

      @the one guy who laughs to death no we couldn't be

    • Meowieeシ︎
      Meowieeシ︎ Hace 29 días

      @Christofer Pezet [High Quality Videos] no

    • the one guy who laughs to death
      the one guy who laughs to death Hace 29 días

      @Tora-Dora are u here to spread the invasion

    • Zoey Briseno
      Zoey Briseno Hace 29 días +2

      @Christofer Pezet [High Quality Videos] ok now let's take that little part " I MAKE BETTER VIDEOS")
      Now take the I and change it to she
      And put a s after make and it turns to


  • skyler schwartz
    skyler schwartz Hace 24 días

    I have a quick question what mod is this and by the way I love your videos

  • Epic Meow Pow
    Epic Meow Pow Hace 22 días

    Have a great holiday Aphmau and all of your friends❤️💙💜💖💛💚🧡💝

  • Tania Phosa
    Tania Phosa Hace 29 días

    Yay your parents came back 🥰🥰

  • Redmoon_wolf
    Redmoon_wolf Hace 29 días

    Is it only me or is it that I think that the old wolf are so cute🥰but it’s ok:(

  • Colin bates
    Colin bates Hace un mes +3

    Awww it’s so cute at the end when aphmaus parents let kc in her family

  • M C
    M C Hace 29 días

    I love these videos they always make my day!❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  • Megan Clay
    Megan Clay Hace 24 días

    Hello aphmau just wanna say that your the best you are beauty to my heart have a great Christmas☺❤💚❤💚

  • Khushana Jalota
    Khushana Jalota Hace 29 días

    It's so funny how aphmau throws ein in the cactus

  • McBony Skellie
    McBony Skellie Hace 23 días +1

    1:37 im having a hard thinking what's the Dadwolf saying because I'm laughing too much. LMAO haha

  • LaylaC20 Gamer
    LaylaC20 Gamer Hace un mes +45

    can we all appreciate that aphmau posts everyday to put a smile on all of our faces? 😊😊

    • Tammy Terpening
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      @Christofer Pezet [High Quality Videos] why u curseing for god sakes its ESclips

    • Tammy Terpening
      Tammy Terpening Hace 29 días

      yes, yes we can 😄

    • Abduallah Abduallah
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      @Lilo yea def

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      is anyone gonna ignore @Christofer Pezet [High Quality Videos] there a bot ;v;

    • Abduallah Abduallah
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      @Martinez and what

  • Keith Strickland
    Keith Strickland Hace 29 días

    Hey aph WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE MID SEASON 2 PLEASE THAT WOULD MAKE ME REALLY HAPPY PLEASE I know that you are in a tough spot to be in, and if you`re reading this please we all would like that 😊 ❤ 💜 ☺

  • Sprinkle Dinkle
    Sprinkle Dinkle Hace 21 un día +1

    She like “I choose the baby wolf” How hurt was Zane!? She wants a WOLF other than Zane

  • wolfie_plays♡asthetic
    wolfie_plays♡asthetic Hace 29 días

    I love how aphmau went on the couch and Zane said then where will I sleep and kawiì_chan just said you can sleep on the floor then!🤣🤣🤣


    We love this I didn’t watch the other orphan video but this is good

  • Emma Rose
    Emma Rose Hace un mes +8

    Am I the only one who finds it so sweet when Sylvanna and Zack call Aphmau " princess " and " mija "?

  • Calxina ツ
    Calxina ツ Hace 29 días

    Isabella from tpn: Congratulations your getting adopted!!

  • Yan Wang
    Yan Wang Hace 27 días

    Aphmau only becomes an actual orphan at the end of the video🤣😂

  • velvet cat
    velvet cat Hace 5 días

    Hi Jess you will probably not see this but I love your videos and keep being amazing

  • Ketzally Gilbert
    Ketzally Gilbert Hace 26 días

    Keep up the good work

  • luna2012
    luna2012 Hace un mes +13

    I just really love wolf videos and especially when you do them!

    • maddie w
      maddie w Hace 29 días +1


  • JellycookiesUwU
    JellycookiesUwU Hace 29 días

    I like how aphs parents are in the shows :3

  • Joe Banister-Weir
    Joe Banister-Weir Hace 28 días

    Have a great Christmas holiday and a happy new year p.s your still my favourite ESclips.

  • Wolf magic
    Wolf magic Hace 29 días

    That is soooooooo funny and adorable and cute when ein was scared hahahahahha

  • Wolfie
    Wolfie Hace 2 días

    Aph: *literally about to fall of of a waterfall*
    Her dad: BARK BARK BARK

  • Angelforlife
    Angelforlife Hace un mes +4

    She is such a good Minecraft ESclipsr! I hope everybody knows her as much as they know me beast!


    Omg yes another amazing rp from aphmau!!!

  • Gachaworks Girl
    Gachaworks Girl Hace un día +1

    Well at the end i guess she was an orphan lol..

  • The shy rebel wolf pup
    The shy rebel wolf pup Hace 21 un día

    This was amazing.

  • Siniousgamer20
    Siniousgamer20 Hace 29 días +1

    I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Faith Claudio Adventures
    Faith Claudio Adventures Hace 29 días +4

    Whenever she almost Fell in the lava with them:she thought She would get to spend time with them guess not! *bursts out laughing*

  • Carminas World
    Carminas World Hace 27 días

    You’re the best I watched you since I was like five years old it was so good!

  • Songal18
    Songal18 Hace 27 días

    Zane got bed-blocked XD KC can one-shot anyone! Best part was Ein and Pierce trying to stop Aphpup in all situations.

  • Hasan Asgher
    Hasan Asgher Hace 29 días +1

    I just like how she puts it in 3rd person

  • Yolanda Willemse
    Yolanda Willemse Hace 7 días +1

    She is so cute as a little baby wolf.

  • Nooralezza Aleesya
    Nooralezza Aleesya Hace un mes +3

    Aphmau is so cute when she's a little wolf😍👌👌And We All Love Her All Video Sometimes Its Funny,Serious,Little Sad And Embarrassing👁👄👁

  • Angela Shoemaker
    Angela Shoemaker Hace 28 días +2

    Hi. What mod do you use for your werewolf videos?? I downloaded the "Howling Moon" mod. I've been playing for days and haven't encountered a werewolf yet. Any suggestions??

  • xXIdkWhatImDoingXx
    xXIdkWhatImDoingXx Hace 24 días

    20:02 RIP mom and dad, they will forever be in our hearts

  • Eva Strang
    Eva Strang Hace 28 días +1

    Leave it to ein to make a base crawling with infested cobblestone…

  • Ronan Peterson
    Ronan Peterson Hace 28 días

    Love how ein said oh no we’re going to Texas 🌟

  • Furret64
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    Lets figure this out, KC knows every twist of every video like "oh I have a specific pen for an animal" or oh "she's an orphan"

    • Elanor4kt
      Elanor4kt Hace 18 días

      But how does aphmua make the voice in every vidio?

    • Za Fool
      Za Fool Hace 22 días

      She knows Aphmau by now.

  • Alice Xie
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