Minecraft RAFT But There IS ONLY ONE BLOCK!

  • Publicado el 29 sep 2020
  • In this one raft survival, my friends and I must survive this Ocean Minecraft Server!

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Comentarios • 13 673

  • Jaryn Leming
    Jaryn Leming Hace un año +90

    Awe the old raft series. This makes me so happy.

  • Blue_ Roses
    Blue_ Roses Hace un año +3

    Aphmau I watch ur vids every day and I love ur vids <3 keep the good work up!

  • • e l l a •
    • e l l a • Hace un año +5

    Hey Aphmau! I have a suggestion for a video :D

  • Govindasu ramesh Govindasu ramesh

    You all done a good job:)

  • AerelleAlmeron
    AerelleAlmeron Hace un año +3

    I love how Aph. Dress as fancy~,while kawaii dress perfectly.

  • Ayarock2010
    Ayarock2010 Hace 14 días +3

    I'm glad they're helping Ein instead of leaving him drown that will be rude. Sorry, Aph I like you, but Ein's actually my favourite

  • Zahdet_X
    Zahdet_X Hace un año +198

    2019: raft (normal game)

  • escapeed
    escapeed Hace un año +3

    this is the first time in months aphmau did a real survival video. I’m in joy.

  • Bandaid-Chan #roadto800
    Bandaid-Chan #roadto800 Hace un año +1

    you mean one block for each person? I loved your "Raft" series!So it's good to see a couple in minecraft!(That one red rug ;) )

  • A. C.
    A. C.  +1

    Hi aphmau

  • Kat Royalty
    Kat Royalty Hace un año +1

    This gives me flashbacks to the raft series Jess and Jason did!!

  • Radha Krishna Surla

    Hi Apmhau, the best way to expand your raft with oak planks or and planes, or blocks, you can always craft a slab from it. You just need wood pr planks. You can expand your island just by using slabs and it will be bigger, the raft... If you do this kind of video again, this advice from me will help you immprese your friends.

  • Kinslayer-Revy
    Kinslayer-Revy Hace un año +30

    This group is so amazing to watch and I’m happy there still a thing

  • Tiare Huihui
    Tiare Huihui Hace un año +1

    I wanna see more of this new adventure I’ve seen

  • Miraculous Writer
    Miraculous Writer Hace un año +1

    I’m so dead. I was watching her Raft series when this video popped up😂

  • Raz Adamous

    This looks so fun

  • Toxic Royalty

    By far the coolest build I have seen in COVID season. Trixy outdid himself on this one, it is nuts. You get an idea of the full build if you skip to the end, the style behind the whole world is amazing, I wish I could sum it up in a screenshot.

  • Jenny Zacher
    Jenny Zacher Hace un día +2

    KEPT ME laughing the whole time. Love you Aphmau! Also can you pls make us be able to join for free otherwise I won’t be allowed to?👌❤️😂😘

  • Alyse Heath
    Alyse Heath Hace un año +37

    Aphmau: we’re stuck on the island with no food

  • Sjarley
    Sjarley Hace un año +1

    Rest in Pierce - Could you make this a series? I love your Mine-Raft videos!