100% INVISIBLE Door To My SECRET Minecraft Base!

  • Publicado el 10 jun 2020
  • This server has AMAZING bases!

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Comentarios • 11 106

  • Anonymous Sweetheart
    Anonymous Sweetheart Hace un año +9

    For anyone who didn't know! This mod is most likely Little tiles! It allows you to create custom doors, storage, and beds!

  • Le soupe
    Le soupe Hace un año +4

    I like how they ALL have secret bases in each other's house xÐ

  • Practicing Human
    Practicing Human Hace un año +51

    I reallyyy wanna know what mod of script Aphmau used in her videos. It’s quite a bummer how she rarely credits people’s mods but I’m guessing this mod is hers since I’ve never seen other youtubers do the same thing.

  • Ashley Lunkenheimer
    Ashley Lunkenheimer Hace 14 días +5

    Honestly, I wish I could make a secret base in my own Minecraft worlds, but the most I’ve ever done is a TNT hole…

  • Strawberry M3lk
    Strawberry M3lk Hace un año +1

    I honestly would like to see Lucinda, Vylad, Dante, Kai, and Blaze on this server😂

  • Yourlocalmushroom
    Yourlocalmushroom Hace 7 horas

    I wish I knew how to make a secret door tho y’all inspired me to play Minecraft hope y’all always go live an crazy! about your dreams

  • CorvusGaming
    CorvusGaming Hace un año +9

    I like how the players/friends/people have their own colour that they use to decorate with

  • Stix Hunter
    Stix Hunter Hace un año +3

    what mods did this ep. use? im interested in making hidden bases.

  • Sarah King
    Sarah King Hace un año +1

    Keep up the good work guys!

  • Michael Reeter

    I love the intro with Ian secret base

  • Aaron Zaharias
    Aaron Zaharias Hace un año +1

    I now expect a secret base in the void.

  • Blubery Bliss

    Water that doesn’t move.

  • Yoshi
    Yoshi Hace un año +377

    Okay it’s a bit creepy when someone has a base in your own home.

  • Phoebe clark
    Phoebe clark Hace un año +6

    I love when you post New videos there’s always something unique about them

  • Icecream Paladin
    Icecream Paladin  Hace un año +92

    At this point there are probably more secret bases than there are normal houses

  • Kelin
    Kelin  Hace 21 un día +5

    I love how they all have a base In each other’s houses

  • IDK_0880 Oof
    IDK_0880 Oof Hace un año

    What mod do you use to make the secret bases?

  • Lauren Williamson
    Lauren Williamson Hace 2 horas

    She called Ein a rat 🐀

  • Arty_Miss // Dragon_Wolf_
    Arty_Miss // Dragon_Wolf_ Hace un año +308

    "Why is there a crater in front of my house?!"

  • Everlasting Hope
    Everlasting Hope Hace un año +1

    Which mods is Aph using in this video to make these hidden bases?