The LONELY DRAGON Story In Minecraft!

  • Publicado el 3 ene 2022
  • This cute little orphaned dragon is on the hunt for a new family!
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  • Daily Games 999
    Daily Games 999 Hace 16 días +164

    APHMAU never failed to give us Awesome content. cheers

    • MarionneYT
      MarionneYT Hace un día

      @Graysepticeye yes she acts like a child too

    • MarionneYT
      MarionneYT Hace un día

      @Graysepticeye no everything

    • Graysepticeye
      Graysepticeye Hace un día

      @MarionneYT she acts like a child?

    • MarionneYT
      MarionneYT Hace un día

      @Graysepticeye no she's not she acts

    • GuacamoleBG
      GuacamoleBG Hace 9 días

      She did fail

  • Tom
    Tom Hace 15 días +23

    I love how there's a huge house and aph is like: ahhh this box looks nice 😁

  • Hrak Hovagimian
    Hrak Hovagimian Hace 12 días +5

    I love at the start when she woke up it was so adorable and I laughed so hard I almost cried and had a concussion cause I literally was 1 centimetre away from falling of the top of my bunk bed.

  • Brian Phillips
    Brian Phillips Hace 15 días +3

    Aphmau, you won't see this (i hope you do.) Can I just say, I might start a youtube channel, and your channel has been a very big inspiration for me. You're such a good youtuber, no wonder you started out as 0 then hit millions of subs. Your videos keep me happy, and all time of the day I have to fight the urge to come to the computer and watch. Your friends are super kind and make the video better. Without you, I don't know what i would be... Without you, i wouldn't like cats probably XD But i don't want to see your youtube channel go, even if you quit (PLEASE NEVER EVER QUIT) i want to rewatch the videos and see the girl that made a hard day my happiest. Love you!

  • Прогноза за времето

    Good to see that aphmau changed the title to "lonely dragon" instead of "orphan dragon"

  • AvesGaming
    AvesGaming Hace 16 días +114

    I was dying in the beginning when Zane tried to communicate with the baby dragon

  • Kellykstar
    Kellykstar Hace 15 días +30

    0:12, aphmau wakes up
    0:23, gets her wings
    0:31, Zach literally throws aphmau off the end tower
    0:46, Zach gets set on fire
    1:50, dragon in the human world
    2:03, aphmau discovers what Lightning is
    2:35, aphmau finds a village
    2:42, aphmau in a box
    2:47, aphmau is crying
    2:56, aphmau suddely found out what a creeper is
    3:07, dragon sees humans
    3:22, Kim literally sees the box but no aphmau
    3:29, Kim sees dragon in box
    6:10, aphmau sets ein and Zane on fire
    6:33, aphmau fell asleep
    6:49, aphmau at Kim’s house
    7:25, ein is for lunch!
    8:23, zanes house on fire
    9:10, aphmau try’s to get adopted by bees
    9:24, aphmau try’s to get adopted by a dog
    10:06, noi comes
    10:39, noi gives baby dragon wings
    11:06, noi gives dragon ender Pearl
    12:54, dragon finds endermen
    13:26, endermen grew
    19:25, sylvanna says roar

  • ᴄʀ!ᴇᴅ.ᴛ0ᴅᴀʏ

    I love the dragon parents, the mom looks and sounds loving, very similar to aphmau.

  • Jonathan Little
    Jonathan Little Hace 12 días +2

    I love how Peirce stared at the dragon twice and didn't see it!

  • NeptuneGaming
    NeptuneGaming Hace 15 días +2

    6:45 The little stretch that aphmau did was sooo adorable and melted my heart

  • Chariot
    Chariot Hace 16 días +102

    kim is like an dragon lover when she said "I LOVE DRAGONS" in the end

  • samyy_plays1234
    samyy_plays1234 Hace 12 días +3

    Awww I love when her parents are in the vid too and aph is so cute when she woke up

  • Razan
    Razan Hace 13 días +2

    I love when she said “rawr!” That was so cutee!🤚🏼🥺

  • ✨Straberry Meow Jelly Boba✨

    I love the part where zane does the “goo goo ga ga”. Like its so funny😂🤣 i died laughing from this

  • Brenton Swafford
    Brenton Swafford Hace 3 días

    Hi there! Does anyone know what mod is being used that contains the furniture in video location 7:23? My daughter really wants it, so I'd like to buy it for her. Thanks!

  • GeorgeCrazy5 Cringe Kid
    GeorgeCrazy5 Cringe Kid Hace 16 días +49

    The last scene with the small "rawr" before the big one(when they laughed at her rawr) it was from the lion King did anyone get it?

    • Darling
      Darling Hace 2 días


    • •Jelly_emma•
      •Jelly_emma• Hace 15 días +1

      @Dee and J i see it now ;-; ngl its super funny

    • Dee and J
      Dee and J Hace 15 días +1

      @•Jelly_emma• lol poor you

    • •Jelly_emma•
      •Jelly_emma• Hace 15 días +1

      @Dee and J i didnt finished watching this video so im finding out ;-;

    • Lily Painter
      Lily Painter Hace 16 días +1

      Yeah lol 💜❤️😂😂😂😂

  • Oluwapeyisimi Omisakin
    Oluwapeyisimi Omisakin Hace 13 días +2

    Aww I love how aph wakes up she looks so cute

  • Kale Kersey
    Kale Kersey Hace 15 días +1

    Here is a video idea, please do it, i’ve been a fan for soooo long! “Playing as a Minecraft Wendigo” please do it :) it would make my year, you bring me so much joy! 🤩

  • starshine💖💜
    starshine💖💜 Hace 15 días

    Aphmau looks so adorable as an ender dragon💖💜

  • Vincent Sych
    Vincent Sych Hace 15 días +3

    i like it when noi has gotten the 'animal expert' accent

  • Emily Morris
    Emily Morris Hace 16 días +32

    Zane and his baby talk is my absolute fav!😂🤣

  • Mahmoud TalaaT
    Mahmoud TalaaT Hace 15 días

    i love aph a lot if see her in real life it will be a dream thanks aphmau for posting videos for us you are the best and your family you are cute when your family came back aww.😘😘😘💝💝💝(from tala mahmoud)

  • Chesed J
    Chesed J Hace 15 días +1

    I love Kim’s line. Now get in the bag! 😂

  • little cute Galaxy
    little cute Galaxy Hace 15 días

    I've been watching aphmau for 10 years And she always amaze me with different videos Oh and ask now I want you to make more videos For every I love your video

  • ADMCKennaGames
    ADMCKennaGames Hace 14 días +1

    I think that is the first time in all of Aphmau history that Zane has put "professional" and Ein and Pierce in the same sentence.

  • Zaara Jaulim
    Zaara Jaulim Hace 14 días

    I'm always watching you aphmau with a smile you always make me find smile after a long day of taking care of my sisters 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • Im an axolotl:3
    Im an axolotl:3 Hace 5 días

    I love how Zane is the bad guy now- I’ve never seen him as a bad guy lol-

  • misuyy fong
    misuyy fong Hace 14 días +1

    You know Zane is always the evil scientist when there is a mystical thing on the server

  • Luna ⭐️🌙
    Luna ⭐️🌙 Hace 15 días

    i love how when the baby breathes fire the are worried abt them selves and not noi's barn 🤣🤣🤣

  • Snoogle Bean
    Snoogle Bean Hace 16 días +63

    I love how she got two new characters JUST to kill them off every time

    • David Dowling
      David Dowling Hace 14 días

      Oh no not that bot

    • jia xu
      jia xu Hace 15 días

      Guys the comment copying bot is back.

    • Kate Reinesch
      Kate Reinesch Hace 15 días +1

      That's is her mom and dad from my street

    • JellyBrr
      JellyBrr Hace 15 días

      Wdym by new??? 🤔🤔

    • Mustapha Jummai
      Mustapha Jummai Hace 15 días +1


  • Mutshutshu Tsanwani
    Mutshutshu Tsanwani Hace 12 días

    Aphmau congrats on 12 Million subscribers hooe your channel continues to grow 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😊😊😊👍👍

  • Moaushroom
    Moaushroom Hace 11 días

    I love your vids, they're so wholesome

  • Fun with Ayush Jagotta
    Fun with Ayush Jagotta Hace 15 días

    I love this by the way how can anyone lost his family?

  • Nobody
    Nobody Hace 12 días

    I love how they recreated the scene in the lion King XD

  • louise stringer
    louise stringer Hace 10 días

    I like how aphmau said the chicken was spooky that made me laugh


    You know Aphmau, it would be really cool if you made a video where you have all creatures and characters that you've ever played as in one place all at once like a true Aphmau multiversal crossover. You can make up your own crossover idea during the three-part mini-series but are some "When Worlds Collide" ideas: Ultima Wolf and Frost Ninja, Queen Bee and Vampire Queen, Squid Game Doll and Dark Angel, Adopted by Mermaids and Adopted by Ghosts, Iron Girl and Spider-Girl, Mermaid Princess and Fairy Princess. Those were just some ideas for crossovers you could do, but, you CAN obviously mix and match them however you desire. You could do some or all these listed characters but you could also use ones that aren't even listed here in order to bridge the paths between all these different characters for a multiverse of endless possibilities. In Minecraft of course.

    • Zeku
      Zeku Hace 12 días +1

      @Hrak Hovagimian Shut Up, How'll It Be Confusing?-

    • Hrak Hovagimian
      Hrak Hovagimian Hace 12 días +2

      Why it will get confusing so shut up and be a good boy or girl and be grateful that she even posts and plus it will take 24 hours to do that so be good

    • PianoCat
      PianoCat Hace 13 días


    • Jenniah Barton
      Jenniah Barton Hace 14 días

      ngl that does sound pretty cool

    • Angelmaine Dongao Cataylo
      Angelmaine Dongao Cataylo Hace 14 días +1


  • jelly Dolores madrigal
    jelly Dolores madrigal Hace 15 días


  • LadyLightninggh
    LadyLightninggh  Hace 14 días

    “Noi. When I talk, you DON’T.”
    -Zane, 2022

    Me: Playing it over and over laughing repeatedly

  • Henry Chase
    Henry Chase Hace 16 días +42

    I can imagine aphmau in her recording room and her kid walks in while she’s doing her baby voice

  • Jacqulynne Barkey
    Jacqulynne Barkey Hace 15 días

    2:48 her adorable sad face make me wanna protect her.

  • Sarah Lovelock
    Sarah Lovelock Hace 15 días +1

    lol i love how zane makes a baby noise

  • Kailyn's Toy review
    Kailyn's Toy review Hace 8 días

    Hey aphmau, question?? What mods do you use for the be an angel, dragon and ultima werewolf plus ears and tail, I would love to play with them ❤️❤️
    If they are not mods then aphmau, can you let us fans play with these. I've ALWAYS wanted the cool powers

  • Legion Gaming
    Legion Gaming Hace 15 días

    Great gameplay! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great day and stay safe!

  • avlisplays
    avlisplays Hace 16 días +13

    Can we just appreciate that she downloads videos to put a smile on our face I'm Ur biggest fan

  • Hanimal07
    Hanimal07 Hace 15 días +1

    I literally died when Ein came out the fridge and Noi put the Australian accent on! 🤣🤣

  • dog lover
    dog lover Hace 15 días

    I love how Kim says I'ma dragon that is funny

  • John Murong
    John Murong Hace 14 días

    How about make a ender portal to get her back to her family ☺️

  • Kate -H🔥T - Girl - Vlog

    I love it when she's born in the end or nether

  • Millie Melbie
    Millie Melbie Hace 16 días +73

    Kim: "Just get in the cozy bag "
    Zane: " I don't think your supposed to put babies in bags "
    Kim: " Oh REALLY? "
    Looks like Zane is the smartest one now

  • Katie Wood
    Katie Wood Hace 11 días

    Kim: now get in this bag! Pierce: wow I didn’t know adoption involved bags. Zane: I don’t think that’s how it works.

  • Ssophixe
    Ssophixe Hace 12 días

    I love how noi used a pet trainer accent

  • Kristen Pound
    Kristen Pound Hace 15 días

    Haha I like when zane Says Let me try to communicate with her And then he just goes full on baby

  • MergeMechanic7395
    MergeMechanic7395 Hace 9 días

    Around 19:10, As expected, just like in the Lion king, when the cub was surrounded by hyenas, tring to them off with a pathetic (but adorable) roar, the dad/king steps in right on que with a big lion's war... that even a car's can scare them. ("Them" is in the slanted form)

  • Luck Hunters091
    Luck Hunters091 Hace 15 días +1

    Bruh ikr I can't get bored by her vids and her vids make me feel so happy everytime i watch her vids I just wanna say thanks aphmau for ur hard work in ur vids 💓 💗 💖

  • molly rainwing
    molly rainwing Hace 11 días

    In pokemon sorda & shield, the grass gym leader reminds me so much of noi, it feels like it's not just a coincidence

  • 83 Alphas
    83 Alphas Hace 15 días +1

    Love the little lion king reference near the end

  • Paisley James
    Paisley James Hace 12 días +1

    I love when she woke up it was cute

  • WolfGirl MedGirl
    WolfGirl MedGirl Hace 15 días +45

    Never thought I’d hear Zane make baby noises but here we are

  • iiPrincess xD
    iiPrincess xD Hace 15 días

    Aphmau is the best she never stops making videos and her videos always be cool

  • Maria Morris
    Maria Morris Hace 15 días +1

    Aphmou makes us laugh everyday :)

  • Christian Garcia
    Christian Garcia Hace 15 días

    6:48 is the cutest part in the whole video😍

  • ♡Minty_playz♡
    ♡Minty_playz♡ Hace 12 días

    I like when Zane says baby words it funny 😆

  • SMToon en Français
    SMToon en Français Hace 15 días +27

    'Yesterday is History"

    "Tomorrow Is Mystery"

    "Today is Gift"

    "That's why It's called present"❤❤❤

  • Monica Parker
    Monica Parker Hace 11 días

    Aphmau makes the best videos!!

  • thenoise
    thenoise Hace 2 días

    The things zane does for these videos are inzane lol

  • Brian Phillips
    Brian Phillips Hace 11 días

    sorry i had to say it. I like how it was aphmau's first day in the overworld and she knew what a creeper was

  • Emilee Moore
    Emilee Moore Hace 11 días

    I love how in the beginning she is so cuteee

  • Ali Rose studios
    Ali Rose studios Hace 8 días

    zane:I've hired a few professional dragon exterminators to help me out.
    (Ein and Peirce come out)
    Aphmau:Dragon exterminators...maybe.........Professional?.....Definetly not.

  • Ζτrαωβεrrγ σωσ
    Ζτrαωβεrrγ σωσ Hace 15 días

    I have a bloody nose (for two days now) and its helpful to smile at your videos.

  • JellyEditsFrogos
    JellyEditsFrogos Hace 12 días +1

    Your mom has a beautiful voice

  • Cristina Ortiz
    Cristina Ortiz Hace 15 días +1

    At the end when aphmau said rawr and then the parents did reminded me of lion king 👑 🦁 🤣😂
    For aphmau and crew:I love your vids they make me smile and laugh keep up the good work

  • Samantha Beckey
    Samantha Beckey Hace 16 días +65

    When she did the little roar, I thought "they're gonna do a Lion King," I wasnt suprsised when it happened but I still liked it. I also liked how they made Zane/? the real antagonist but i still would like to see something where Ein/Chris and/or Peirce/? are the good guy(s).

  • Kaylin Christie
    Kaylin Christie Hace 13 días +1

    Hey Aphmau, you should do a birth to death at a cat/bird. I would realy like it :3

  • Kawaii Girl
    Kawaii Girl Hace 13 días

    Pierce: what is it? Kim: I just said it was a baby ender dragon!!!

  • April Sampson
    April Sampson Hace 5 días

    The entrance of that castle looks a lot like the one from another vid of hers

  • StarLi Gachas
    StarLi Gachas Hace 15 días

    I’m just crying with laughter when Zane was talking baby language 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Racsobeck
    Racsobeck Hace 16 días +30

    You know Zane is always the evil scientist when there is a mystical thing on the server

    • jia xu
      jia xu Hace 15 días

      A ender dragon isn’t mythical .

    • Visan Raphael
      Visan Raphael Hace 16 días +1

      Aphmau is always being protected by zane

    • Judy Casin
      Judy Casin Hace 16 días +1

      yes Zane protect Aphmau end Zane love kc🥰😍💕😘

  • Sydelle Magz
    Sydelle Magz Hace 15 días

    I've been laughing after Zane speaks "baby" languege for 20 hours that my mom was like why are you laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • galaxywolf games
    galaxywolf games Hace 15 días +1

    Noi's Australian accent made my day🤣😆

  • Glitch Alpha Girl
    Glitch Alpha Girl Hace 3 días

    I love noi’s Australian accent

  • Emerald B.H Playz
    Emerald B.H Playz Hace 15 días +2

    I like how Noi is speaking in British.

  • Songal18
    Songal18 Hace 15 días +6

    Interesting that Zane gets just as much damage done to him as Ein and Pierce XD Nothing more terrifying than an Enderman growing actual hands. Such a sweet episode!

  • Maria Morris
    Maria Morris Hace 15 días +1

    I always wait for aphmou to make new vids cuz her vids are the best
    And that I love her vids
    She always posts new vids when I'm playing Mincraft but that was only one time and when I was playing roblox it happend a lot of times and sometimes when I'm watching her vids she posts a new vid

  • Elizabeth Greenheld
    Elizabeth Greenheld Hace 15 días

    I like when Zane does the baby sound

  • Nadeem Faiz
    Nadeem Faiz Hace 15 días

    I love it when Zane speaks in baby language 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Msalloyd09
    Msalloyd09 Hace 15 días

    I started laughing when Zane said “goo goo gaa gaa” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • shelley frost
    shelley frost Hace 16 días +12

    Me and my friend are really big fans and keep doing what you’re doing because you are amazing and your videos are so cool

  • Martin Tønnesen
    Martin Tønnesen Hace 13 días

    When Zane dose baby noises he sounds like a completely different person haha

  • Roschelle Pillay
    Roschelle Pillay Hace 15 días +1

    Aphmau the best thank you Aphmau for all your hard work your always making us feel better

  • Kellykstar
    Kellykstar Hace 15 días

    In the start I was cracking up because
    Zach, oh wow she has her wings! Let’s see if they work “tossed aphmau of the tower”

  • Faith Gunter
    Faith Gunter Hace 14 días +1

    “Noi…, when I talk…you don’t”-Zane 2022

  • Soggy Pancakes
    Soggy Pancakes Hace 16 días +26

    Aww, any time that she uploads.. I enjoy it everyday and her videos are always enjoyable

  • Oluwapeyisimi Omisakin
    Oluwapeyisimi Omisakin Hace 13 días

    I love NIO’s accent so adorable :)

  • Ok_Zoomer
    Ok_Zoomer Hace 15 días +1

    At the end a when she Rawred , i thought that her parents would come in and do a bigger Rawr and it happened 😳

  • Jelly_Velvety_JR
    Jelly_Velvety_JR Hace 6 días

    I love how they destroy their houses that they worked so hard on 😖

  • Diana Nicolae
    Diana Nicolae Hace 13 días

    I laugh when Zane tried to speak in the baby language

  • The Best Sisters
    The Best Sisters Hace 14 días

    She's adorable

  • Jelly_Velvety_JR
    Jelly_Velvety_JR Hace 6 días

    ✨” it’s not a mistake “ ✨

  • Charlotte Oshea
    Charlotte Oshea Hace 14 días

    If you have ever heard of mha(My Hero Academia) maybe you could do a video where you save MHA characters like Deku, Bakugou, Todoroki, Denki, maybe even Uraraka! You could help them out as a doctor(return of Nurse Noi, anyone?) and maybe even save them from like a villain or something(Ein, perhaps)!

  • Cha P. Averion
    Cha P. Averion Hace 3 días

    Omg Zach and Sylvanna as a working couple now this is a miracle