Using a LIE DETECTOR on my Friends In Minecraft!

  • Publicado el 9 feb 2021
  • Let’s find out who is a LIAR on our Minecraft Server! 🕵️💎
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    ★ Zane:
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    ★ Noi: michaelazekas
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Comentarios • 18 046

  • Andrea S.
    Andrea S.  +95

    Oh my god when Pierce said Yes it brought back so many memories I haven’t heard that way of him saying yes in so long

  • Karen O
    Karen O  +10

    I really like these mincraft videos!they are very funny!and fun to watch!!!

  • Aricel Ventura

    When Pierce keep on chanting Prizes Prizes PRIZES PRIZES I was dieing of laughter!😂😂

  • •AlexaStudios•Xx

    Isn’t it weird that aphmau spends half of the video talking to ein and then she does whatever

  • Angela DeAngelis

    I liked when peirce said "Yes" He sounded so deep which I love btw!

  • Katrina Wang

    when not was eating I saw him pull out a diamond and I was like, "yup its noi" and then I realized it was sin in the end

  • Michael Gillespie

    It was surprisingly smart to blow up his own house to throw the trail off, for Ein anyway. Hope he moved all his stuff first, or else it would actually be stupid.

  • Manuel Darosa

    I like the part when apnau tricks Zane lol

  • Michelle Sinor

    We love your videos! They are great!

  • random girl

    zane: shes just a friend

  • Kaitlyn Stewart

    you make me have the best day when I watch you


    aphmau:what the were are my potatos and diamonds!? ima get a lie detector

  • Luminous Lynx


  • A Shot of Whiskey

    I love watching Aphmau and Ein working together!

  • ••Sunset••

    I like how ein already got at the entrance without walking 😜

    VICTORIA KROFT Hace un día +1

    Thank you for making the videos because once every time I’m sick I have to watch them because my mom doesn’t let me watch any video on snap for yours thank you for the videos you’re the best please make one where all the where are you make everybody happy

  • Apurva Sharma

    Aphmau:It's a kissing booth.

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous Hace 4 horas


  • BluJay
    BluJay  +162

    I love how when she did it to "Ein"(ee-in) her Kawii~Chan voice was on point but Zane comes around and then it wavers.

  • Baler Giliws Transient

    I love how pierce says yes all the time in my inner demon and he said to the lie detector "yes"